Volunteers pick up trash for 17th Annual Clean Up Cleveland

Volunteers picked up trash that was scattered all around Cleveland on Saturday, May 18, for the 17th Clean Up Cleveland hosted by the City of Cleveland.

By Vanesa Brashier, editor@bluebonnetnews.com

The city of Cleveland is looking a little tidier today thanks to the efforts of roughly 145 volunteers who turned out Saturday, May 18, for the 17th Annual Clean Up Cleveland. Hosted by the City of Cleveland and the Cleveland Civic Center, Clean up Cleveland is a one-day event held every spring.

“Even though we had a downpour that morning that lasted for about 10 minutes, it didn’t stop anyone. They still went out and picked up tons of trash,” said Frieda Joyce, who heads the city’s Convention and Visitors Bureau.

Joyce said the results of the clean-up were immediately noticeable by anyone driving around the city Saturday afternoon.

“Everything looks much nicer. We’ve had a lot of wind this spring, which tends to blow trash around, but in the areas where you normally see trash, it’s gone,” she said. “We so appreciate everyone going forward with the clean-up in the rain. A huge thank-you from the city.”

Volunteers spent four hours Saturday morning, walking around town and putting trash in garbage bags that were collected by city workers. Their efforts filled a 30-yard dumpster, Joyce said.

“There was a lot of trash picked up. Some of the trash was mattresses and TVs that had been dumped,” she said.

After the clean-up, the volunteers returned to Stancil Park where they were rewarded for their efforts with a free hot dog luncheon sponsored by H-E-B. Emergency Hospital Systems and Country Cowboy Church served the food. Akin Auto and Austin Bank also were principal sponsors. A drawing also was held for door prizes.

City workers throw bags of trash into a dumpster for the 17th Annual Clean Up Cleveland on Saturday, May 18.

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