Wife of injured Liberty County sheriff’s deputy issues statement

The following statement was made Tuesday, June 4, by the wife and family of Deputy Richard Whitten, Liberty County Sheriff’s Office:

First, to the other families of the victims from the tragic events on May 29, whereby our loved ones were targeted by another. Our hearts go out to all of you, just as yours, we know, goes out to us. We are deeply saddened and our hearts are crushed by the depth of the loss and devastation our families are enduring through no fault of our own.

Secondly, while there is no way to know exactly how many First Responders were at the scene, whether directly in a supporting role that day, we are grateful for each and every one of you. Our hearts hurt for you and all you’ve had to see and endure as well. And yet, we know with all of our hearts, you’d have it no other way, just like my husband Richard would not. When people are hurting and in danger, you all rise to the occasion and do whatever must be done.

Now, as for my husband, he was in fact shot in the neck. This single bullet has caused serious damage to his throat and spine. The trauma and damage is so extensive, at this time he only has limited range of motion on his right side. He has very little range of motion with his neck and head. Currently, he has assisted breathing and the medical professionals at [Memorial] Hermann Hospital ICU are doing everything they can to make him as comfortable as they possibly can.

Even with such devastating injuries and difficulty, over the last 48 hours he has been able to converse with us and the majority of those conversations have been over his worry for everyone else who was involved in this horrific tragedy.

As a family, we are grateful Richard remains alive and we are committed to ensuring he is cared for and, hopefully, he is able to increase his motion and mobility in time. This will be a very long, arduous and difficult process, which will no doubt take a very long time.

For us, the family, we are so grateful for everyone who is helping those of us affected. We’ve been informed there are those helping to bring together a benefit on June 22, and we are so grateful to anyone and everyone involved and who helps. We cannot begin to express how difficult a time this is for us and for his fellow members of the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office.

In time, should his condition change in any way, we will of course reach out through the proper channels to inform everyone. In closing, sincerely from the bottom of our hearts, we cannot say thank you enough for all of the support, love and prayers on behalf of Richard and the other victims.

On a very personal note, speaking as a wife of this great man, I could not be more proud of him, his department and all the men and women who risk everything to serve and protect us all. While I may be deeply hurt by what has happened, with all of the support we are receiving and knowing the very strong heart and will of my husband, one day, someday, this will get better. He will get better. God bless and thank you so much.


Kami Whitten, wife of LCSO Deputy Richard Whitten

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