Roadwork in Dayton causing long delays on SH 321

A line of traffic backs up near Dayton High School on Monday evening due to roadwork on SH 321. TxDOT says the delays will continue for another week.

In recent days, motorists traveling SH 321 between Dayton and Cleveland have experienced long delays as the result of roadwork, particularly just north of Dayton High School to the prisons.

TxDOT’s Sarah Dupre, spokesperson for the Beaumont District, says the roadwork in that area should wrap up in a week if the weather continues to be favorable.

“The crews are performing full-depth repairs to the road, which has the traffic down to one-lane. This is causing a major backup in traffic,” Dupre said.

Dupre said the crews are following up the repairs by repaving the top surface.

All of the roadwork is taking place during daylight hours, from sun up to sundown. Motorists should plan their travel accordingly for the next week or expect a longer drive time. An alternate route, while slightly longer, is FM 1008 through Kenefick.

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