Liberty Opry has scaled down, but still offering family-friendly shows

Jay Cantu serenades his wife, Nina, with a rendition of Steve Wariner's 'Every Little Whisper' in honor of their wedding anniversary.

By Rachel Hall, reporting for Bluebonnet News

Music connects people with more than synchronized toe taps and hand claps. It connects hearts and souls.

Husband-and-wife duo, Jay and Nina Cantu, hope to keep the musical heart of the Liberty Opry beating for many years to come.

“We thought we were going to have to close the doors at the beginning of the year,” said Nina. “But, we are still here. We just cut back on the number of shows.”

The once-weekly offering of family-friendly, live entertainment is now scheduled on a monthly basis.

“Due to lower attendance over the past few years, we have had to cut back to two or three shows per month,” explained Nina.

Despite fewer shows, the Liberty Opry offers a variety of musical genres hoping to connect to attendees of all ages and musical tastes. Mixed in with the musical selection of the evening is Comedian Booger Lee, who has been making audiences giggle for over 20 years.

“We offer a great variety of shows; All Gospel Shows, Country Shows, and 50s, 60s, 70s – Classic Oldies or Old Time Rock & Roll Shows,” said Nina. “We also have ‘Specialty Shows’ which feature bigger named artists from around the country.”

Each year, Liberty Opry also hosts a Christmas Show with traditional, country and religious Christmas music – and often, this show sells out quickly.

“We strive to keep our shows entertaining, affordable, and fun and the entire environment simple, friendly, warm and inviting for everyone to enjoy,” explained Nina.

Jay Cantu, co-owner of Liberty Opry and show emcee, thanks Country Night guest performers Tori Vourganas, Hannah Harrison, JD Johnson, and in-house comedian “Booger Lee” for a great show.

Everyone is welcomed through the doors of Liberty Opry. Some people, however, are hesitant to visit a show alone but Nina advises them not to fret.

“We encourage them to come anyway because they won’t feel alone. They will make a friend or two or three by the time they leave,” she said. “Once you walk through the doors of the Liberty Opry, you become a part of our family.”

Children, parents, grandparents, locals, travelers – all ages – can experience an evening of music, laughter, and fun with the in-house band, comedian, and booked talent.

“We have one of the most – if not the most – talented group of musicians in the country,” said Nina. “Not only can they play great music, but they also have great vocal talent.”

Jay and Nina open up the Opry every few months for acts to audition for a time slot on the stage. The next audition is scheduled for August 13. Additionally, they attend other events to scout for talent, and they reach out to specific artists requested by the audience.

“It is our utmost goal to make your experience at the Liberty Opry a pleasant and memorable one,” said Nina.

Liberty Opry is located in the downtown courthouse square in Liberty at 1816 Sam Houston Ave. Doors and concessions open two hours prior to the shows, which are often held on Saturdays at 4 p.m. For additional information or to order tickets, visit or call 936-336-5830.

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