Opinion: What is a teacher?

By Robert Hoffman, guest columnist

A teacher sees students’ strengths and potentials and exalts them both, yet in wisely, gradual steps. A teacher leads them to new heights, but never lets them forget the passage from their previous roots.

A teacher inculcates students to not only understand and comprehend, but also to evaluate and judge.

A teacher knows students make mistakes and errors, but corrects and guides.

A teacher exemplifies high morals and impeccable ethics knowing they will eventually blossom in students.

A teacher shows how current knowledge works as a process that will lead to new ideas and wisdom.

A teacher develops students’ talents with creativity, yet teaches discipline and focus so they can achieve their goals.

A teacher administers tough love when needed, but also exercises unconditional forgiveness when earned.

A teacher transforms selfish and egotistic instincts into higher powers of benevolence and altruism.

A teacher truly believes that by strengthening the good, the bad will diminish and disappear. A teacher will improve society by improving each student.

A teacher — helping students march forward toward an enlightened future.


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