Daisetta PD adds code enforcement officer

Daisetta's new code enforcement officer, Boyett Taylor, is looking forward to learning more about the city's ordinances and working to clean up the community.

Boyett Taylor, who has led the Daisetta Citizens Patrol for the last year, is the new code enforcement officer for Daisetta. Taylor will be working through Daisetta Police Department under the direction of Police Chief Kelvin Burks.

The City is hoping to improve the livability of the town by improving its appearance and reducing blights and nuisances, such as dogs running at large, junked vehicles in yards and along streets, and dilapidated buildings.

“We are not trying to issue a bunch of citations to people, but we are trying to make the city a better place for everyone to live,” Taylor said. “One of the biggest issues we have are dogs running loose. When you have small kids playing in their yards and lots of dogs running at large, it can be a problem.”

Prior to joining the city, Taylor, who hails from Daisetta, was semi-retired from the oil field industry. He previously managed a vacuum truck business in West Texas and worked as a salesman.

Taylor said that with him taking on code violations, Chief Burks will have more time concentrate on patrolling and public safety.

“We are going to clean up this place. We needed someone who could strictly handle the code enforcement stuff,” the chief said. “Dogs are our problem right now. We have some people who can’t afford to haul off their junk cars and trash. We are going to try to help those. Others are just being lazy. This makes the whole town look bad, and in order to attract people to our town, it has to be clean.”

According to Taylor, warnings will be issued initially in many cases. Citations and fees will follow if the problems are not addressed.

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