Dayton ISD superintendent shares information on new school year

Dr. Jessica Johnson

The Dayton Historical Society met Monday evening, Aug. 26, at Parker Hall with many guests in attendance.  Dayton ISD administrators attended to answer questions after a special presentation made by Dr. Jessica Johnson, superintendent of Dayton ISD. 

Dr. Johnson’s very informative program was an overview of the school district as a whole, with an in depth look at each school campus.   A few of the facts she shared were: the school district encompasses 262 square miles; there are 48 bus routes that travel a total of 5,500 miles per day; student enrollment is currently 5,485; the district employs 836 people; and there were 344 graduating seniors last May.  She highlighted special programs at each campus and the many extra- curricular offerings at Woodrow Wilson Junior High and Dayton High School.

The Society offers their best wishes to the students, teachers, and everyone employed at the schools for an excellent year. 

The next meeting will take place on Monday, Sept. 30, 6 p.m. at Parker Hall and the public is welcome to attend

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