Liberty woman releases new book offering nutritional advice

"Healing Can Be Easy" is a new book by co-authors (left to right) Beth Misner, Betty Wells Runkle, ND, and Dr. Ivan Misner, and Dr. Mohammed Nikkhah (not pictured).

Betty Wells Runkle, ND, and owner of The Health Fix Store in Liberty, visited Austin, Texas, Sept. 26, 2019, to accompany her co-authors, Beth Misner and Dr. Ivan Misner in the “Austin Launch” of their new book, “Healing Can Be Easy.” 

The event was held at The “W” Hotel in downtown Austin where a few close friends gathered to celebrate, not only the book launch, but also an announcement of “No Cancer” from Beth after using the techniques and nutritional habits outlined in “The Misner Plan, Healing Begins in the Kitchen,” the Misners’ first book on nutritional health.

Released in September, “Healing Can Be Easy” is the firsthand account of Beth’s experience as she recovered from cancer using alternative medicine, without conventional cancer treatments.  This is the story of Beth’s eight-month journey to heal breast cancer. 

Naturopath and local business owner, Betty Wells Runkle, ND lends her expertise with nutrition as an added bonus to the story, along with Dr. Mohammed Nikkhah’s fingerprints sprinkled throughout the text.  Included are recipes for DIY personal care products as well as references for natural and alternative resources in health and wellness.

“Healing Can Be Easy” is available on Kindle, Amazon and from The Health Fix Store, 334 Main Street, Liberty, TX 77575. 

A Liberty book launch and signing social is scheduled for Nov. 21, 2019 at The Heath Fix Store in Liberty. Betty frequently provides free nutritional advice at

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