Dayton receives $4.8 infrastructure grant to serve Gulf Inland Logistics Park

The City of Dayton has been awarded a $4.8 million grant by the US Economic Development Administration (EDA). The grant will support infrastructure improvements, including the construction of a utility extension, road expansion, and signal installation, to serve the Gulf Inland Logistics Park. This will serve as a catalyst for economic expansion in Dayton.

The grant, to be matched with $1.5 million in local funds, is expected to create 5,000 jobs and attract $137 million in private investment. The matching funds will come from the park’s developer, CMC Railroad.

The City received support for the grant application from the office of Congressman Dr. Brian Babin.

“I was proud to support Dayton’s application for vital federal disaster grant funding to support and expand its existing city infrastructure and industrial growth,” said Rep. Babin. “I know that EDA funding for the City of Dayton’s project will be a much needed proverbial economic ‘shot in the arm’ to the recovery of our community.”

Mayor Caroline Wadzeck said Babin’s support and assistance are greatly appreciated.

“This project is of vital importance to our city’s future growth and prosperity,” she said.

Grant funds will be used to extend water and sewer services down U.S. 90 to Stilson Road and down Stilson Road to Gulf Inland Logistics Park.  Stilson Road will be improved to support heavy-haul traffic.

“We are immensely proud of all stakeholders who took part in making this happen for Dayton.  The City Council is committed to building a vibrant and resilient Dayton in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey,” said City Manager Theo Melancon. “Gulf Inland Logistics Park is only the beginning of job creation in the area.  This grant is an integral part of creating primary, living wage jobs for the entire region.”

The EDA is investing $48 million in the state of Texas to help prepare for natural disasters and promote economic resilience and business growth. The EDA grants are expected to be matched with $13.2 million in local funds, help create 7,487 jobs, retain 225 jobs, and generate $6 billion in private investment.

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