Trivium Club learns about dWELLing event coming to Liberty on Oct. 26

Hostesses and speakers for the Oct. 8 meeting of the Trivium Club were (left to right) Barbara Norwood, Lamar Iverson, Katie Smart, Becky Spears and Mary Poston.

The Trivium Club of Liberty met in the Price Daniel Meeting Room on Oct. 8 at 6:30. Mary Poston and Katie Smart presented their vision of the new wellness center, the dWELLing, which has its first event scheduled for Oct. 26 from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

The community gathering spot at 2525 Grand Avenue plans to kick off the day with live music and food trucks. Future plans are for this to be a safe gathering place for all people of all ages.

Smart and Poston expressed how the community is ready for this to happen and how committed planners were to this being a success for everyone involved. Yoga, scavenger hunts, counseling and mentoring are all plans in progress. Citizens are encouraged to support this critically needed center. 

A business meeting was led by President Kimber Hinch. Reports by Club Counselors let the members know of upcoming arts activities and opportunities, ideas for future club endeavors and the plans for the Christmas Celebration sponsored each year by the club. 

Hostesses for the night were Lamar Iverson, Barbara Norwood and Becky Spears. 

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