FLNB donates LED sign to Hardin ISD

A new sign in from of Hardin Junior High and Hardin High School was donated by First Liberty National Bank. Present for the official presentation of the sign were FLNB's Mark Hymer, Jerry Ursprung and Charles Bolds, and representing Hardin ISD: Superintendent Gerald S. Nixon, Paula Jackson, Todd English, Kera Firmin, Kevin Schweers, Jennifer Stein, Stacy Tucker and Ronald Scott.

By Vanesa Brashier, editor@bluebonnetnews.com

Construction of a new LED sign between Hardin’s high school and middle school campuses is complete. Representatives of Hardin ISD and First Liberty National Bank, sponsor of the $26,000 sign, gathered on Monday to celebrate.

Superintendent Gerald S. Nixon said the sign will be used to keep the community better informed of events and happenings within the school district.

“There are many ways we need to communicate with the students, parents and public. One of these visuals is one of the best ways, along with social media,” Nixon said. “It’s a great way for parents to see what’s going, whether it is progress reports or report cards, school events and other types of things. It’s essential to what we are trying to build with our culture at Hardin ISD.”

Hardin ISD’s longest-serving board member – with 23 years on the board – is Jerry Ursprung, the chief financial officer at First Liberty National Bank.

When asked why the project was important to FLNB, Ursprung said, “It’s for our community. It’s a public service for the bank and projects like this go a long way. It’s one thing the school district didn’t have to pay for so they can spend that money elsewhere on the kids.”

He added that FLNB’s support of the community is sometimes apparent with its sponsorship and donations to groups, but is often behind-the-scenes and goes unnoticed.

“We don’t always toot our own horn,” Ursprung said.

Echoing that sentiment, Nixon said FLNB is a regular supporter of the district, providing meals and gifts to employees, and giving school district employees the support they need.

“Those are the things you don’t always see,” Nixon said. “FLNB is a huge partner to the district and we appreciate them so much. This is a good community all the way around – the parents and kids, and the support we get from our local businesses.

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