Trivium Club welcomes Liberty-born artist, author

Ashley Campbell, Roberta Thornton and Alaina Arnold hosted the November meeting of the Trivium Club of Liberty.

The Trivium Club of Liberty met in the Liberty ISD Board Room on Tuesday, Nov. 12. Former Liberty resident and graduate from Liberty High School, Gay Warren Gaddis, was introduced by member Becky Spears and talked to members via FaceTime. 

Gaddis is an author, artist and business woman in Austin now. She talked to Trivium members on how she achieved success and how members can use the many phases of their lives, that turn out to be watershed moments, to achieve their own type of success.

Gaddis touched on a discussion of her book, “Cowgirl Power: How to Kick Ass in Business and Life,” and how she admired the “Cowgirl” persona and found that as her model in the business world. A question and answer session followed the presentation with many lifetime residents saying hello to their former friend and student.

The business meeting led by President Kimber Hinch involved preparations for the upcoming Christmas Celebration Party to take place at the TVE Community Room as well as a counselor’s report by Federation Counselor Ada Fay Schmidt. Refreshments were provided by hostesses Ashley Campbell, Roberta Thornton and Alaina Arnold.

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