Hardin High School’s annual food drive sets new record

Jules Thonsgaard, Emma Roberts, Jonathan Smith and Landon Rhodes teamed up with other Hardin High School students to help organize boxes of food that were collected for the school's annual food drive.

By Vanesa Brashier, editor@bluebonnetnews.com

Hardin High School students, teachers, parents and supporters outdid themselves this year by collecting 9,862 food items and $920. The food items went to Hardin Lions Club, area churches and food banks in Hardin and Liberty, and the cash is for the purchase of Thanksgiving turkeys for families in need.

“We had 100 percent participation, but some of the kids and supporters made up for the kids who couldn’t donate,” said Amanda Kersh Key, teacher and organizer of the Hardin Student Council-driven food drive.

The students will be awarded for their efforts. The school district is giving the high school students a day off from school. The students are breaking up into groups with some going to the Galleria and others going to the movies or bowling rinks.

This year’s food drive surpassed the 2015 food drive when 8,338 cans and $3,476 were collected.

“That was the year that the Hunger Games movie came out. Mr. Roessler, who was principal at the time, was asked if he would do a challenge with us. If each kid brought 25 cans, he would let us go to the movies instead of classes,” Key said. “It was a huge success that year. When the incentive was taken away in subsequent years, participation was not good. This year we asked our principal, Mr. Stacy Tucker, if we could do something like that again, and he agreed. It helped create a class competition.”

Working for a reward paid off and the students learned about giving back to their community, she added.

A portion of the food items was used to create food boxes for 50 families in need that were identified by the school counselors.

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