Liberty County DA facing domestic assault charge in Harris County

Liberty County District Attorney Logan Pickett

Liberty County District Attorney Logan Pickett was arrested by Houston Police Department around 4 a.m. Saturday, Nov. 23, at the Westin Houston Downtown Hotel. He is charged with misdemeanor assault reportedly stemming from a disagreement with his wife.

Pickett appeared in a probable cause hearing in Harris County Criminal Court No. 4 on Saturday afternoon and has an arraignment hearing set for Dec. 3. He posted $1,000 bond and was released.

Pickett has served as district attorney since 2013 and graduated from the South Texas College of Law in Houston in 2006.

Bluebonnet News has reached out to Pickett for comment on the case, but has received no response at this time.


  1. Well now maybe Liberty county can really see what kind of a person the honorable Pickett is, Maybe that’s the reason he let people off with probation for assault with a deadly weapon.

  2. So you want to kick a man when he’s down. I don’t know anything about your complaint, but the man is human. Things happen in the heat of the moment. Stop it!

  3. Yes leave him alone we are hearing only one side. The facts are not all in and it takes two and unless you are in the room with them you have no reason to judge. Only God can judge.

  4. No man should ever lay their hands on a woman to hurt her, ever!! If she said something you don’t like, walk away. That is no reason to hit anyone. The guards and other personnel that work at the prisons have to put up with inmates foul mouth. They are not allowed (and shouldn’t be) to hit an inmate for anything they say. Would you hit your mother for saying something you didn’t like, a complete stranger? Probably not. Then why would you hit your wife that you supposedly love? If this is what he is guilty of I hope they lock him up long enough for him to learn his lesson.

    • You should know that only God is to judge not you or me only God. Plus make sure you know the whole story. I heard he pushed her. Not hit her and really it is none of our business. It is between Logan and his wife.

  5. Well it looks like the good ole boy system is alive and well in Liberty Texas. Imagine that no calls for “Mr.” Picket’s resignation by anyone in the local Liberty government.

  6. I see that the story about Mr. Logan Pickett is being hushed up. There was supposed to be a hearing for Mr. Pickett on Dec. 3rd, but as of yet no reporting as to the results of this hearing. Yes the good ole boy system is alive and well in Liberty County. Elections are coming Mr. Pickett and I for one won’t let anyone forget.

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