Body of Liberty County woman found outside of Anahuac home

Authorities in Chambers County are investigating what led to the death of 59-year-old Christine Rollins of Liberty. Her body was discovered in the front yard of a home in the 4000 block of SH 61 in Anahuac, according to a statement from Chambers County Sheriff Brian Hawthorne.

Rollins was a caretaker for an elderly couple who lived at the home.

“When Rollins didn’t show up at the normal time, the 84-year-old homeowner went outside and found her laying in the yard between her vehicle and the home’s front door,” said Sheriff Brian Hawthorne in a post on social media.

Christine Rollins

Rollins reportedly had multiple injuries to her body, including a head injury from a fall and others that appear to be animal-related.

Chambers County Justice of the Peace Pct 1, Yale Devillier, is doing an inquest and has ordered a forensic autopsy to assist in determining cause of death.

“At this time detectives are unable to determine if she collapsed due to a medical condition and the fall caused the head injury, or if the animals may have caused the fall and contributed to her death. But, at this time, we have no reason to believe that there is any foul play involved in her death,” said Hawthorne.


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