Ducks Unlimited conservation efforts to be discussed at bird club meeting in January

Texas has more bird species than any other state. The varied climate of Texas with forests, wetlands, mountains and deserts is credited with attracting 600 bird species to the state.

The January meeting of the Lower Trinity Valley Bird Club will be held on, Thursday, Jan. 9, 2020, at 6:30 p.m. at The FLNB Corner (1822 Sam Houston Av, Liberty, TX) across for the First Liberty National Bank. 

Be sure to come early for our “Birder’s Chat” time. If you have any questions call President Gary Holmes at 281-576-0574 or e-mail him at

The speaker will be Todd Merendino. His presentation will be “Ducks Unlimited Conservation Efforts in Texas.”

Merendino grew up in the rice fields and marshes of southeast Texas (graduating from Hardin-Jefferson High School) and has enjoyed the opportunity to get paid to “play” in the mud and water as his dad likes to say. Merendino has a B.S. in Wildlife Management and an M.S. in Wildlife Science from Texas Tech University, and a Ph.D. in Zoology from the University of Western Ontario.

In pursuit of his formal education and during his employment, Merendino has been able to work in the waterfowl wintering grounds of Texas, the breeding grounds of Canada’s prairie pothole region, and the farmlands and boreal forest areas of Central Ontario. Merendino is currently the Manager of Conservation Programs for Ducks Unlimited in Texas and oversees DU’s conservation efforts on private lands and public lands in Texas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico.

He previously worked with Texas Parks and Wildlife Department as a project leader of the Central Coast Wetlands Ecosystem Project, and oversaw habitat management, research, and public hunting activities on state-owned Wildlife Management Areas along middle Texas Coast.

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