Assault turns deadly in Shepherd

A Shepherd man is dead after he was shot around 8 p.m. Tuesday at a home in the 400 block of Farm Pasture Road in Shepherd.

According to San Jacinto County Sheriff Greg Capers, the deceased man was one of three men who went to the home to confront the resident about a matter. An assault ensued, the sheriff said.

After allegedly being kicked and hit a number of times, the resident pulled out a gun and shot at his assailants, striking one.

The body of the decreased man has been taken to Beaumont for an autopsy. Assault charges have been filed against the other two men. The resident has not been charged at this time.

This is a developing story so check back later for an update.


  1. This man that shot our friend has been harassing people, inticing people to come to his house, he assulted me for absolutely no reason after i went to speak to his girl about her kids flipping me off bc i was on my porch. He didnt like what i said ran at me shoved me to the ground and started to kick me before his gf pulled him away. I filed a report but cops did absolutely nothing bc i was on his property even tho i had been there many times.

  2. Sounds like the man was a piece of work, but you still cannot go to a persons house – 3 strong – and assault them and expect to get away with it….. They should have caught him off his property. Now he will get away with this, too.

  3. This is such bullshit I can’t believe this got posted to make my boy look bad before yall got the full story !

  4. This is a bunch of crap I can’t believe this got posted to make my boy look bad before this story got straitened out .

  5. The worst part is he was killed in front of his child and his son sits in jail ALONE trying to process everything. Sickening the way this MURDERER hides behind self defense, plays the victim and gets away with this. Murder is a sin and if he doesn’t pay for it in this lifetime he will someday. Stealing a life and future from his children… you should be ashamed of yourself.

  6. If they went to HIS property and threatened him, doesn’t he have the right to defend himself and his property??!!! Some of these comments are crazy. This is Texas. Someone comes on your property with I’ll intentions and attacks you, you defend yourself……..with whatever means necessary. Period!

  7. Well if you ask me maybe the law should do a little more investigating figure out exactly what led to them going down and and confronting someone you asked me sounds like the shooter could have possibly planned it maybe if people did their damn job and actually investigated instead of just assuming things and taking the word of a no good wasted space that would put kids and other residents In the neighborhood in harms way if you ask me it sounds like and looks like the shooter actual provoked or you can say instigated a confrontation and all the victim was doing was going to confront someone that was putting himself and his family especially the children that were out playing who knows who else he could have seriously hurt as he driving completely Reckless so what nowadays you can’t confront a neighbor when they are acting a fool and let them know they are putting other residents let alone your own children at risk with their reckless behavior…

  8. Yep the poor kids lost there father because of his mistake n what was he thinking taking his kids with him anyways? Anytime you attack someone for whatever reason they have the right to defend themselves. Yes it’s sad he. Was killed but if he wasn’t there breaking the law he would of never been shot! Whatever he did to provoke the assult is not relevant. In fact if the law was never called. It’s all hear say and ill revelient. Sorry for the loss of ur friend but it’s his fault he is dead!

  9. This was not only provoked murder it was also planned! He new j*** would come confront him after going 45+ past his house which (the shooter) didn’t have to pass to get home. We were in the yard bbq with kids minding are own when he came by he stoped at the end of the road an rev his motor taunting him! I understand the law is the law but damn u could do some more investigation instead of (San jac officers standing in the back laughing) as a man stands there and his son is dead! And he has to tell the officers to show some respect! But as every one knows San jac is very in organized

    • I have been reading all these comments trying to make sense of all this. Was it a grandfather, son and grandson that went there? Either way, it is sad. It really sounds like the shooter deserved a major a$$ whooping. However, bottom line is you CANNOT go to a persons home and physically attack them.. You cannot even verbally attack them for that matter. And because of those circumstances alone, he will not be charged with murder. If they had done the smart thing and caught him somewhere else and gave him the beating he deserved – because lets face it, some people just need it and the law is too lax in that area – then it would be a different story. So, no matter how indignant people want to get about this, they were in the wrong. And how old was the son of the man who was killed? Because if he is a child, it is just wrong to put him in that position. What kind of example is that?

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