Dog shot by crossbow arrow rescued in San Jacinto County

San Jacinto County Pct. 3 Constable Sam Houston and Houston SPCA Inspector Wilson give a thumbs-up after the capture of an injured dog that Houston has nicknamed Arrow. She was shot by a crossbow more than a week ago and evaded law enforcement officers trying to capture her.

By Vanesa Brashier,

A little pup that survived being shot by a crossbow and evaded animal control and law enforcement officers for more than a week was finally captured on Thursday in the Punkin-Evergreen area of San Jacinto County.

According to San Jacinto County Pct. 3 Constable Sam Houston, the dog was reported to the county’s animal control office, which he oversees, after a resident saw the dog outside Punkin-Evergreen VFD station on FM 2693 and SH 150. An arrow had pierced its chest and was protruding out its back.

Arrow the Dog awaits a ride to the Houston SPCA shelter where she will undergo medical treatment for injuries she suffered after being shot by a crossbow.

Houston and Animal Control Officer Troy Anderson set out traps to catch the dog, but she managed to evade them. The traps became problematic after a neighbor’s dog kept going inside to eat the bait food, so they were removed last Thursday.

Houston used social media to spread the message that he and Anderson were looking for the injured dog. On Wednesday, Jan. 22, more than a week after the search began, the dog was finally captured.

“She had been hiding under a woman’s porch and then took off again,” Houston said. “The resident said she had seen her a couple of times. She was comfortable eating there so she kept coming back.”

The woman gave them permission to set a trap for the dog and by the next morning she was captured.

Houston said help for the dog came in the nick of time. Her wound had become putrid and she was showing signs of infection. Somehow the dog had managed to dislodge the arrow before her capture, which still has Houston a little puzzled.

“She smelled bad when I got her because infection was setting in. She also had another wound on her shoulder like maybe she got into a scrape with another animal,” he said.

The dog was transported to Houston SPCA where she has already undergone surgical procedures. Houston said it appears the arrow missed her vital organs. She will remain the care of Houston SPCA until she can be adopted.

Houston has affectionately begun calling the little dog “Arrow” and says that if a home isn’t found for her, he and his wife are prepared to take her in.

“She is a sweet little dainty dog. She looks like she has some red heeler in her,” he said. “She will be recovering for some time. I would be glad to take her back if they can’t find her a good home.”

To help some of the animals that are hard to place, Houston and his wife established a non-profit called Waggin’ Tails Dog Rescues.

“We take the spillover from the county’s animal shelter. If we can’t find the animals a home, we put them here with us for a while until a new home is found,” he said.

To donate food, bedding and other items to Waggin Tails, go online to

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