Dayton’s annual Boots and Bullets fundraiser hailed a great success

The Boots and Bullets Committee is comprised of (left to right) Amanda Wilson, City Councilman and Dayton firefighter Alvin Burress, firefighter Bo Lehan, Fire Chief Murphy Green, Dayton Police Capt. John Coleman, City of Dayton HR Director Tammy Alexander and Asst. Fire Chief David Rodgers.

Hundreds of people gathered together for an evening of steak dinners, auctions, raffles and live music in an effort to support Dayton Volunteer Fire Department at the annual Boots and Bullets fundraiser held at Dayton Community Center on Jan. 25.

“Before we opened the doors today, we made $24,000 on the sale of tables,” explained DVFD Chief Murphy Green. “We also did a drawing for a pistol with poker chips and made about $5,000 on it.”

A night of fundraising takes many hands and hearts to be successful. Chief Green acknowledged the countless hours and efforts of individuals on his committee and vendors to achieve what will likely net to be about $25,000 to $30,000 after expenses are paid and auction funds are collected over the next week.

“It’s a huge, huge thanks to the whole community,” said Chief Green.

 “It does take a lot of people from the city, the volunteer fire department, and all the people donating to make this event the success that it always is,” said Dayton City Manager Theo Melancon.

Boots and Bullets is the largest annual fundraiser held by the 100 percent volunteer fire department.

“We just ordered a fire truck that was $346,000 and the city has helped us tremendously. I can’t give enough props to the city. They have been so generous to us,” said Chief Green.

Support between city departments, and from residents, are among the driving forces keeping the growing community thriving.

Dayton Police Chief Robert Vine noted the Boots and Bullets evening was not only a good time, but a great opportunity.

“Since it is a volunteer fire department, it is very dependent on sources other than city funds. This is the perfect opportunity to raise those funds to help them fight fires and provide the services for the city, purchase equipment, and training needs they may have,” said Chief Vine.

“I’m really proud of the Dayton Volunteer Fire Department because of their ISO rating going to a 2 – that’s very unheard of for a volunteer fire service to do that. We couldn’t do that without the community support that we receive not just through this event but throughout the whole year,” said Melancon.

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