Dayton ISD powerlifting team brings home the gold

Coach B. J. Whitehead, Coach Bobby Little and the boys and girls powerlifting teams show off their hardware.

The boys and girls powerlifting teams lifted in their second meet at Liberty last Thursday.  Both teams are having an outstanding season.

Coach Bobby Little said, “I am very proud of both of the teams. I would like to invite everyone to come out and support our athletes. Both teams will lift in the Dayton Meet this Thursday, Feb. 6th at Dayton High School.”

Overall the boys took home first place as a team.  They had 14 out of 15 lifters placed first, second and third in their weight class.

  • Cam’ron Willis – 1st place
  • Shohn Alexander – 2nd place
  • Lucas Tanton – 2nd place
  • Gavin Bennett – 1st place
  • Josiah Griffith – 1st place
  • Ty Pafford – 1st place
  • Tim Sjolander – 1st place
  • Hunter Beamesderfer – 2nd place
  • Colby Bueltmann – 3rd place
  • Brennan Chauvin – 2nd place
  • Avyn Craig – 2nd place
  • Kameron George – 1st place
  • Fernando Ortiz – 3rd place
  • Demetris Whittington – 3rd place

The girls brought home the gold too as they placed first as a team.  Six out of the nine lifters placed first, second and third.

  • Amanda Carden – 1st place
  • Haylie Burns – 1st place
  • Emma Pierce – 2nd place
  • Lilian Ratcliff – 2nd place
  • Kloee Wells – 1st place
  • Grace Whitehead – 2nd place

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