City of Dayton hires law firm, engineers regarding alleged issues in Fordland Estates

The Dayton City Council on Wednesday unanimously approved the hiring of an outside legal counsel and an engineering firm to address some alleged issues in the Fordland Estates.

In a second motion, Council approved legal counsel to issue a notice to cure as outlined in the Chapter 380 agreement between the City and JessJohn Inc., a company owned by Dayton City Councilman Dr. John Johnson. The notice to cure pertains to Section 3 of Fordland Estates, a multi-section subdivision located off FM 1409 South.

The City of Dayton entered a 380 agreement with JessJohn Inc. in November 2014, prior to the development of Section 3. The 380 agreement provided reimbursement to JessJohn Inc. for 50 percent of the infrastructure costs.

According to City Attorney Brandon Davis, the City has recently discovered some issues with the utility infrastructures in parts of Fordland Estates and as a result has hired Colaco Engineering of Houston to determine the extent of these issues.

The Council hired Adams and Reese of Houston to deal with any legal ramifications resulting from the findings of the engineering firm.

As this is a pending legal matter, Davis said he could not discuss it any further at this time.

Throughout the three-hour meeting, Johnson was restricted from the executive session as the matter pertained to him and his company.

Johnson issued the following statement after being contacted by Bluebonnet News for comment:

“JessJohn, Inc. and DAJJ, LLC are aware of the utility infrastructure issues identified at Fordland Estates and are working closely with the City of Dayton to address and resolve these issues. We have been in direct communication with the City and believe the right plan has been identified by all parties to successfully resolve these issues. Over the last 13 years, each phase of our Fordland Estates development has always been done in accordance with the City’s applicable subdivision regulations and engineering requirements.
“As a locally owned company, in addition to being a good community business partner, if any such issues do arise, JessJohn, Inc. is committed to taking the necessary steps and actions to make
things right. We thank the City of Dayton for their efforts to date and look forward to successfully
resolving this issue with their assistance.”

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