Liberty-Dayton hospital receives medical equipment donation from Houston-based Spectrum

Staff at Liberty-Dayton Regional Medical Center try out some of the new personal protective equipment that was donated to the hospital by Spectrum of Houston.

Spectrum Uniforms reached out to Liberty-Dayton Regional Medical Center following a plea by the center’s CEO, Matthew Thornton, for hard-to-find personal protective equipment for his staff and other agencies on the front line in Liberty County.

Spectrum Uniforms, a Houston manufacturer and supplier of medical scrubs and medical accessories for more than thirty years, was able to fulfill Thornton’s request for high demand mask for his employees.

Spectrum supplied 2,000 KN95 mask to the hospital at no retail markup, including the donation of 100 masks at zero cost. These 95 percent filtration masks are FDA approved and listed by the C.D.C as suitable alternatives with proper documentation.

In a statement, Spectrum said, “It is the heart of the company’s #SpectrumPledge, an internal initiative to leverage supply chain partnerships to source Covid-19 related essentials and provide them at a cost that places a priority on people over profits. This includes being a resource for smaller organizations like Liberty-Dayton RMC, who struggle to compete against larger facilities with greater purchasing power.”

Spectrum’s core business of quality medical scrubs — including their newly launched antimicrobial, 4-way stretch scrub line, WYND — has taken a back seat for several weeks now, as the company has been instrumental in successfully navigating the intricate and ever-changing restrictions on securing much needed PPE supplies for US demand that meet federal guidelines.

Spectrum Uniforms is a family owned, multi-generational business and part of Radia Enterprises Inc, founded by Rupendra Radia, a former critical care nurse. The company is now led by his daughter, Chandani Radia. The business is a MBE, NMSDC, and HUB zone certificate holder. For more information on Spectrum Uniforms, visit

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