Dayton Chamber names new directors

Jessica Sims (second from left) is the new executive director for the Dayton Chamber of Commerce. Staci Wise (far left) is the new assistant director. The Chamber is partnering with the DCDC, led by Director Ann Miller (second from right) to further economic development of Dayton. Tammy Alexander (right) is the board chairman for the Dayton Chamber.

The Dayton Chamber of Commerce is announcing the promotion of Jessica Sims as executive director and Staci Wise as assistant director. Sims, who joined the Chamber more than three years ago, was previously the event coordinator and assistant director. A little more than two years ago, Wise started out as a Chamber volunteer and was hired on as receptionist.

“I think we are a good team. The fact that we already have worked together and have a good working relationship helps,” Sims said. “We are going to get in the swing of things and then get out there in the community to meet with our businesses to see how we can help them.”

Sims is a lifelong resident of the Dayton area. Her father is Liberty County Fire Marshal Bill Hergemueller. She is married to husband Kyle Sims, with whom she shares two children. Wise moved to Dayton four years ago with her husband, Wayne. The couple has two children.

The timing of the promotions comes at a time when the Chamber has formed a partnership with the Dayton Community Development Corporation. The two entities share office space and a receptionist – Tera Aguerro – inside the Dayton Community Center. Ann Miller, DCDC director, will serve in an advisory/mentorship/guidance role.

“I would say this is a transformation period for the Chamber. They want to be more involved in the community and give back to the community more. That’s how this partnership came about,” Miller said.

Miller added that the DCDC and the Chamber will function as a team to further economic development for Dayton.

“The Chamber also is going to help the DCDC with existing businesses, so the partnership works well together,” said Miller, adding that these plans could include business retention goals.

Miller said the Chamber board recognized Sims’ skills and leadership abilities when deciding on the director position.

“I think it’s a great decision,” she said. “The DCDC board is very excited for our new partnership. We have a great working relationship between the DCDC and the City. We have worked well with the Chamber, but this partnership really solidifies the relationship. We are working well with the County, too. Everyone is coming together to form a cohesive team.”

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