Suspect in Louisiana robberies arrested in East Montgomery County

A chase on US 59 on Sunday by Splendora PD ended with a crashed vehicle and two suspects on the run from police. One of the two suspects – Marcus Willis, 19, of Leesville, La. – was arrested Sunday. His juvenile brother is identified but is believed to have been picked up by family members. The two brothers are wanted for a string of crimes in Louisiana, authorities say.

One of two brothers suspected in a string of robberies in the Leesville, La., area was arrested on Sunday in East Montgomery County. The two brothers were the subject of a search after they reportedly fled from police following a traffic stop on Saturday on US 59 in Splendora.

“Early Saturday morning, a Splendora police officer attempted a traffic stop on US 59 of a vehicle traveling 86 in a 64 mile-per-hour zone,” said Lt. James “Troy” Teller, a spokesperson for Splendora Police Department. “When the officer walked up and fingerprinted the back of the car, the driver suddenly placed a towel over his face and drove off.”

Marquis Oshay Willis, one of the suspects allegedly involved in a pursuit with the Splendora Police Department, is captured. Picture courtesy of Splendora Police Department.

Teller believes the driver, Marcus Willis, 19, of Leesville, La., was attempting to shield his identity from the officer’s body cam.

After a short pursuit on US 59 south with speeds reaching 140 miles per hour, Willis reportedly exited at Creekwood Drive and attempted to “brake check” the officer, according to Teller. He explained that “brake checking” involves suddenly hitting the brakes and forcing the driver behind to hit the brakes or swerve to avoid striking the vehicle it is following.

“The officer avoided a collision and they took off again in a pursuit along the feeder. The suspect once again attempted to brake check the officer and then took off. As they approached the Creekwood Drive intersection, the suspect did this once again. This time, however, he lost control and hit the guardrail,” Teller said. “The vehicle he was driving sustained extensive damage that disabled the vehicle.”

The driver and a juvenile passenger – his stepbrother – fled on foot eastbound across US 59.

“This became a multi-agency pursuit, including DPS, constables and Patton Village PD. Splendora PD’s UAS (drone) was dispatched to help in the search for the suspects. The driver was later seen off of Oakwood in the Creekwood Subdivision where he attempted to break into a home to avoid capture,” Teller said. “He fled when he was spotted by neighbors as he was trying to break in the house.”

Meanwhile, back at the suspect’s vehicle, police had found his ID card and learned that the vehicle had been stolen just prior to the arrival of Hurricane Laura from the Leesville, La. area. He also is a suspect in the robbery of a convenience store and vehicle burglaries in Leesville, Teller said. Money from the alleged robbery was found in the vehicle, still in the tills taken from the cash registers.

Splendora Police with Marquis Oshay Willis, one of the suspects allegedly involved in a pursuit with the Police Department over the weekend. Picture courtesy of Splendora Police Department.

On Sunday, Willis was spotted at a water park in Patton Village. Once again, he fled before officers arrived. Civilians later reported his location of FM 1485 and FM 242. Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office deputies detained the suspect and took him into custody. He was transported to Methodist Hospital in The Woodlands where he was treated for cuts and dehydration. He was released to Splendora PD before being charged with Felony Evasion, Burglary of a Habitation and Unauthorized Use of a Vehicle. He is being held in the Montgomery County Jail.

The suspect’s juvenile brother has not be located yet, but Teller believes he was picked up by family members. Police have identified him and charges could be pending.


  1. To the writer of this article. I need to make it something EXTREMELY CLEAR, Marquis Willis is my nephew. Your article repeatedly states that his co-conspirator was his younger brother which is a FALSE STATEMENT. The other assailant is/was his friend and NOT his biological brother, who was HOME with his father. In the interest of my youngest nephew who is a minor child, I ask that this article be amended/ or a retraction issued.

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