Holiday meals for families in Liberty, Chambers counties donated by St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church

Ann Marie and Toni with Kroger’s deli help load family meals for the CPS families with the help of CPS employees Lori Tyler and Jessica Lewis, and Lori Williams from St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church in Liberty.

Every year, St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church in Liberty looks for families and individuals to provide them with holiday meals for Christmas. The people are picked with the assistance of Child Protective Service and Adult Protective Service in Liberty and Chambers counties

The meals were prepared by Kroger’s in Atascocita and Brookshire Brothers in Liberty.

“I would just like to recognize these people who have been so generous with their time and energy and enthusiasm,” said Lori Williams with St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church.

Lori Williams (left) with St Stephen’s Episcopal Church in Liberty presents Phoebe Booker from the Kroger’s deli in Atascocita with a check to cover the costs of 22 family meals to be delivered in Liberty and Chambers counties.
Lynn Williams and Father Ted Smith with St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church of Liberty pick up family meals up at Kroger’s with the help of Kroger employee Phoebe Booker.

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