Applications being accepted for Texas game warden cadet class

Photo courtesy of Texas Parks and Wildlife Department

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) is currently accepting applications for their 65th Texas Game Warden Cadet class.

As fully commissioned peace officers, game wardens are responsible for the enforcement of Texas laws across the state including water safety, natural resource protection and environmental management.

Unconstrained by city or county jurisdictions, Texas Game Wardens patrol the state’s natural waterways, oversee hunting and fishing regulation, and often support local landowners. More widely known, are the specialized skills that have made them a reliable resource for disaster response.

“Texas Game Wardens have a long and proud tradition of protecting and conserving the State’s valuable natural resources. That includes our waterways, landscapes, and the wildlife we enjoy daily,” said Col. Chad Jones, TPWD Law Enforcement Director who stressed that the role of a game warden goes beyond the badge. “Not only are game wardens trained in a number specialized fields like search and rescue and disaster response, we are members of the community. We are out in our neighborhoods hosting fishing events, educating boaters, and encouraging another generation of Texans to enjoy and preserve the outdoors.”

All cadets who are accepted to the program are required to live at the Game Warden Training Center near Hamilton, Texas, for the duration of the 33-week training period, set to begin Oct. 2022.

Follow this link to watch a video encapsulating the Texas Game Warden training experience.

For more information, check the game warden career webpage or contact Texas Game Warden recruiter Chelsea Bailey at

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