LCSO: Callers pretending to be utility company

The Liberty County Sheriff’s Office has received calls from Liberty County citizens saying they have gotten telephone calls from what represents themselves as their local power company claiming the resident has not paid their recent power company bill or the bill has arrived late.

The residents say they are being told by the scammers that they need to send in a certain amount of money immediately or their power to their homes will be cut off.

The LCSO has also received information from a very reliable Montgomery County source that several of their citizens in Montgomery County are also receiving similar calls.

“If these two counties are receiving such calls, it is a safe bet that other areas are receiving similar calls as well,” said Capt. Ken DeFoor, a spokesperson for the sheriff’s office.

DeFoor said these calls are scam and citizens should not respond to them.

“The resident should call their respective power company at their standard telephone number to confirm any such calls or late or no payment. Such scam calls should also be reported to your local law enforcement agency,” he said.

If you have been targeted in this potential scam, call the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office at 936-336-4500 or the local law enforcement agency in your area.


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