Dayton man killed in crash on US 90

The driver of this red Honda Civic was killed Friday morning in a car crash west of Dayton.

A Dayton man was killed Friday morning around 7 a.m. in a three-vehicle crash on US 90 at the Grand Parkway construction site west of Dayton. According to Dayton Police Chief Derek Woods, the driver of a red Honda Civic was killed after he apparently stopped his vehicle or his vehicle stalled in the middle of the busy roadway, causing it to be hit twice.

The area where the accident occurred has no shoulder as it is part of a construction site for the Grand Parkway. In this particular area where the accident occurred, the roadway is bordered by concrete barricades and a guardrail.

The driver of a Dodge Ram pickup that first struck the parked vehicle told authorities that the Honda Civic was stopped in the eastbound lanes of US 90 with no warning lights, making it difficult for drivers to see and avoid a collision. The Dodge Ram struck the Honda Civic from the rear, pushing it into the guardrail and causing it to spin and come to rest in the left eastbound lane of traffic.

A devastating car crash on Friday morning along US 90 at the Grand Parkway construction site resulted in one death.

The Dodge Ram then struck the guardrail and came to rest in the left lane of travel, short distance from the Civic. An eastbound Freightliner tractor-trailer then struck the front of the Honda Civic, its front passenger-side tires traveling over the vehicle.

The deceased driver of the Honda Civic was not wearing a seatbelt, though authorities say it likely would not have made a difference in this crash due to the horrific damage caused to the vehicle.

During the accident investigation, traffic was diverted along FM 1413 and other routes. Dayton Police Department also responded to two other vehicles in the city at around the same time, though the other crashes were not major.

Baytown Police Department’s Sgt. Kevin Davis and Cpl. Brian Parker assisted Dayton Police Department with the accident investigation. State troopers and Dayton Fire Department also assisted.

Using parole documents and other papers obtained from the deceased man’s vehicle, police were able to confirm his identity. He is said to be a Hispanic man in his 30s who lives in the Dayton area. They are now working to notify the man’s family members before releasing his name.

Baytown Police Sgt. Kevin Davis, Dayton Police Chief Derek Woods and Dayton Police Lt. Shane Burleigh discuss what led to a three-vehicle accident on US 90 west of Dayton. The accident caused the death of a Dayton man.


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