City of Dayton participating in warrant resolution campaign

If you have an outstanding warrant or ticket in the City of Dayton, now is the time to take care of it through the Dayton Municipal Court.

The City of Dayton and other law enforcement agencies and courts statewide are participating in a Warrant Resolution Campaign. During this time, which begins on March 20, agencies will step up efforts to actively resolve outstanding cases.

“The campaign is designed to target thousands of defendants with outstanding cases in participating jurisdictions including numerous county, justices of the peace and municipal courts,” according to a statement from the City of Dayton.

Under Texas law, individuals appearing before a court and making a good faith effort to resolve outstanding Class C cases are afforded safe harbor and not subject to arrest.

Additionally, if a judgment is rendered against an individual who is unable to pay the judgment, the individual may request a judge to assess their ability to pay and offer alternative means to satisfy the judgment.

Individuals with outstanding cases are encouraged to contact the Court to voluntarily resolve their cases before being compelled to appear in Court. 

To reach the Dayton Municipal Court, call 936-258-5312.

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