City of Liberty begins major roadwork

Road crews begin repairs on 30 city streets in Liberty.

A 30-street repaving project has kicked off in Liberty. This 5.5 mile-long project will cost $2.312 million and is funded by the City of Liberty’s Cambridge Fund, which comes from profits from the Sam Rayburn Municipal Power Agency (SRMPA). The SRMPA provides wholesale electrical services to its three member cities – Jasper, Livingston and Liberty.

The City of Liberty plans to rehabilitate streets across the city in a multi-year project. This is the first year for the project. The streets selected this year need an asphalt overlay but do not have underlying infrastructure problems that first require more costly upgrades or repairs.

“We identified streets that do not need utility work first. The infrastructure on these streets has already been repaired and updated,” said Chris Jarmon, assistant city manager. “We are looking to do about $2.5 million each year on streets. Our goal is to allocate the same amount every year in the budget.”

The contractor for the project is Vulcan Materials, Asphalt and Construction, which has completed other projects for Liberty County and other cities within the county. Jarmon said the company’s history of performing high-quality work was a factor in the bidding process.

“Because it’s asphalt work, it goes pretty quickly. As long as they have dry weather, they can work,” Jarmon said. “The project is expected to take less than a year to complete.”

Owners of properties that may potentially be impacted or hindered by the road rehabilitation project will be notified of pending work as it approaches, he added.

“The contractor and public works personnel will notify the homeowners and property owners on each street as the project moves to their area,” Jarmon said.

Following is the list of streets and locations for the road rehabilitation project:

  • North Travis St., from Magnolia St. to Main A Bridge, 3,100 feet
  • Beaumont Ave., from the SH 146 bypass to the bridge, 1,400 feet
  • Westwood St., from FM 563 to the end of the street, 1,800 feet
  • Still Meadow St., from Black Oak St. to Red Oak St., 1,920 feet
  • Black Oak St., from McGuire to Still Meadow St., 500 feet
  • Ft. Worth St., from Port to the end of the street, 700 feet
  • Confederate St., from Tennessee to Carter St., 470 feet
  • Height St., from Texas St. to Marshall St., 730 feet
  • Monta St., from Main St. to Milam St., 1,310 feet
  • Hough St., from Main St. to McManus St., 350 feet
  • McManus St., from Main St. to the end of the street, 1,200 feet
  • Pleasant Hill St., from Beaumont Ave. to the dead end, 370 feet
  • Melonson St., from Beaumont Ave. to the end, 650 feet
  • Ave. D, from Layl to the end, 320 feet
  • Ave. E, from east to west, 700 feet
  • Ave. F, from Layl St. to the end, 300 feet
  • Ave. G, from east to west, 650 feet
  • Ave. H, from east to west, 720 feet
  • Ave. I, from Layl to the end, 300 feet
  • Ave. J, from Layl to the end, 350 feet
  • CO 1660, from CO 1662 to the end, 2,000 feet
  • Sandune St., from SH 146 to 1,000 feet north
  • Minglewood St., from Mimosa St. to Chesson St., 1,300 feet
  • Chesson St., from Minglewood St. to the end, 800 feet
  • Tanner St., from Minglewood St. to the end, 1,200 feet
  • Tennessee St., from US 90 to Palmer St., 1,700 feet
  • Carter St., from US 90 to Washington St., 1,000 feet
  • Santa Anna St., from Fort Worth St. to Alabama St., 1,500 feet
  • Independence St., from Cos St. to Beaumont Ave., 500 feet
  • Lincoln St., from FM 563 to Oak Dale St., 580 feet


  1. This should’ve been done 20 years ago but the Mayors and the City Council were to busy stealing land from Ames, and Raywood

  2. More bad decisions by the Liberty City Council. Example, Magnolia Street from Main to the hospital is terrible. This is a major route for ambulances. Repair the major traveled streets first. Just common sense.

  3. Chug a lug bumpty bump bumpty bump down grand street from Lakeland drive to 146 main street say cheese !!!

  4. For thirty years I have been praying and hoping that the address of 1810 wallisville off 563 would be asphalted . I can’t even get the scraps to fix it I’m being depleted of my fix income.

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