Dayton ISD passes gavel to new board president

Outgoing Dayton ISD Board President Josh Day, Newly Elected President C.D. Williams and Superintendent Dr. Jessica Johnson are pictured at the June board meeting after a transfer of board leadership.

At the June regular board meeting, Dayton ISD passed the gavel to a new board President.

Outgoing Board President josh Day received his gavel and was given a round of appreciative applause.

Superintendent Dr. Jessica Johnson stated, “We are grateful for this past year’s leadership. I know I speak for the other Trustees and for the entire district. We appreciate your time (that is all volunteered), your support, and your dedication to the children and staff of Dayton ISD.”

Mr. C.D. Williams was elected Board President. Elected for the position of Vice-President was Mrs. Kerri Bartee with Mr. Chris Shumaker being elected to become the Secretary.

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