Peak hurricane season beginning for SE Texas

It’s peak hurricane season for Southeast Texas. Are you ready?

“As August comes to an end and we move into September, we want to remind you to have a plan in place for you and your family,” said Bill Hergemueller, Liberty County OEM coordinator and fire marshal. “Meteorologists have yet to name a hurricane this season. We are monitoring one storm that has the potential to become a tropical depression in the Atlantic.”

While the weather is good, now is the time to stock up on items you might need in the event of a major tropical storm or hurricane. The Liberty County OEM also makes the following recommendations:

  • Make sure you have plenty of food and water (at least one gallon per person per day) for each person in your household for a three-day period
  • Have flashlights, radio and extra batteries on hand
  • Keep your gas tank full
  • Make sure you are stocked up on your medications and prescriptions
  • Have cash on hand
  • Make sure you have everything you need for pets
  • Know your evacuation routes

If you have someone who lives in your home that would need assistance during an event, you can register them with the STEAR program by calling 211 or registering online at

For local updates, you can register with NIXLE by texting your zip code to 888777. You can submit multiple zip codes if you want to keep up with updates for areas where friends and family members live.

In the event that a hurricane or tropical storm threatens Liberty County, the OEM will be relying on information and advice from weather experts and state officials.

“The National Hurricane Center and National Weather Service are trusted sources that you can use to track storms and make informed decisions,” Hergemueller said.

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