Liberty County officers involved in fatal shooting in Houston

Houston Police Department Assistant Chief Bashir holds a press conference early Monday morning to discuss a fatal shooting at Gulfgate Mall that involved two Liberty County peace officers. (Screen capture photo from the HPD video)

Houston Police Department is investigating a fatal shooting that took place around 11:14 p.m. Sunday that involved two peace officers from Liberty County.

Both were working extra jobs as security for the Doneraki Restaurant at 300 Gulfgate Mall in Southeast Houston when a man armed with a tire iron entered the restaurant and began threatening staff, according to HPD Asst. Chief Bashir at a press conference in the early morning hours of Monday, Sept. 12.

Bashir said that earlier in the evening the man was removed from the restaurant and returned a short time later armed with a tire iron.

“At approximately 11:10 p.m., once the restaurant was closed, the suspect was seen coming back into the restaurant with a tire iron. He catches the attention of a worker. So the worker immediately goes to the Liberty County officer, who was working an extra job, and informs him about the suspect. The officer makes his way over to where he thought the suspect is at and suddenly the suspect charges toward the officer with the tire iron, within a few feet, an arm’s length,” Bashir said.

The Liberty County officer discharged his weapon more than once at the suspect, who then stumbled into the restaurant parking lot and died.

Bashir said HPD is reviewing surveillance video from the restaurant and interviewing witnesses.

The Liberty County officer who fired the fatal shots is a security officer for the Liberty County Courthouse under the supervision of the District Attorney’s Office. He and a police officer from Plum Grove Police Department were both working extra jobs as security for the restaurant last night.

“The other officer did not discharge his weapon but they both walked forward looking for the suspect,” said Bashir.

No customers were inside the restaurant at the time and no other injuries were report.

As the incident occurred in the city of Houston, HPD will be in charge of the investigation. Liberty County District Attorney Jennifer Bergman said that with any death under these circumstances, a full and thorough investigation must occur.

“Houston Police Department and Harris County District Attorney’s Office are now conducting the investigation in conjunction with my office. At this time, we will refrain from providing additional details to avoid unnecessarily compromising the investigation. As the situation develops and at the appropriate time, we can and will provide more information,” Bergman said.

Bergman added that the courthouse security officer’s name will not be released at this time but is doing okay given the circumstances.

Plum Grove Police Chief Brandon Frazier said his officer, who also is not being identified at this time, is shaken up but is doing okay.

The DA said that Liberty County Sheriff Bobby Rader has graciously offered the services of his grief counselors to the two officers.

To see the video of Bashir discussing the shooting, click here:

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