Alleged roadside assault, robbery of rival outlaw motorcycle gang members lands seven men in Liberty County jail

An open records request made by Bluebonnet News in late October is finally shedding some light on the Oct. 24, 2022, arrests of seven men related to an alleged assault and robbery of two outlaw motorcycle gang members in Liberty County on March 5, 2022. The seven men are accused of taking part in the roadside assault and robbery of the two members of a rival outlaw biker gang along US 90 in Raywood in southeast Liberty County.

The complaints used to obtain the arrest warrants for Justin Craig Fitzgerald, 27, of Portland, Texas, Derrick Roy Cloud, 29, of Nederland, Micah Seth Droddy, 43, of Buna, Ray Woodrow Huntzberry, 53, of Vidor, Robert Wayne Belisle, 48, of Beaumont, Jimmy Edward Paul, 29, of Nederland, and Gregory Scott Ross, 46, of Groves, were signed by Liberty County Pct. 3 Justice of the Peace Cody Parrish.

Statements in the complaint by investigators for the Texas Department of Public Safety Criminal Investigations Division say that two members of the Bayou Country Riders Motorcycle Club of Louisiana were traveling westbound on US 90 in the Devers area en route to the Bandidos Outlaw Motorcycle Gang’s 56th Annual Birthday Bash in Kingwood, Texas.

In statements to investigators, the two men said they noticed another group of motorcyclists stopped at the Fuel Maxx store in Devers. A short while later, the second group, along with a white GMC Terrain carrying two men, reportedly caught up to them and initiated an assault near milepost 885 on US 90 in Raywood. The assailants are alleged to be members of the Brothers East (B*EAST) Outlaw Motorcycle Gang.

During the alleged assault, one of the two Bayou Country Riders was shot in the foot by a firearm discharged by one of the B*EAST members. The other victim suffered injuries to his leg and ribs.

The assault was reported to authorities through a 911 call made by another motorist who witnessed the incident.

At the time of the incident, neither of the victims told authorities that their vests had been stolen. It was later learned in the investigation that vests were taken, making the incident an aggravated robbery.

According to the documents, surveillance video from the Fuel Max store showed a white GMC Terrain, driven by Jimmy Paul and with Gregory Scott Ross as his passenger, and the five motorcyclists – Fitzgerald, Cloud, Droddy, Huntzberry and Belisle – pulled into the Fuel Max at approximately 11:11 p.m. At 11:22 p.m., the two Louisiana motorcyclists can reportedly be seen passing by, traveling west on US 90. One minute later, the GMC Terrain and the five motorcyclists depart. All of the individuals riding motorcycles reportedly were wearing B*EAST “cuts,” a term for a vest or jacket adorned with insignia, rank, territory, etc., that is only allowed to be worn by members.

All seven men surrendered without incident on Oct. 24, at the Liberty County Jail, and bonded out the same day. Bonds for each were set at $50,000.


  1. We as human beings often jump as a whole to accuse or make a decision without really knowing what took place for things to happen the way they do in many different circumstances. When what we should do is be patient and wait for the facts before we put a jacket on someone we don’t even know anything about other than what the news tells us….and what the news tells us depends on what the owners of said news stations and/or news feeds political beliefs are. So we may want to be more careful jumping in and climbing on the band wagon …we are talking about these men’s freedom, and that is very detrimental to their family’s and children. We need to give everyone a fair chance no matter what it looks like, because we just really never know what is going on in a person’s life. Thank you if you actually read this post and if you did not read it, well it’s your loss….

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