Letter to the editor: Thank you, Cleveland

In July of 2021, and after over 40 years in business, Jeff and Mary Beth Peiffer sold their auto repair shop, Akin Auto Services, located at 1309 N Washington Ave. in Cleveland, Texas.

Jeff started at Akin Auto Services in 1976 as a general mechanic, fixing flats, changing oil, running to get parts, and sweeping floors, etc. He and his wife worked tirelessly and eventually purchased the shop, and yet Jeff remained a dedicated mechanic at heart, and even as an owner would often find himself turning wrenches under the rack when a job had to get done.

Jeff and Mary Beth were so eager to begin retirement and spend extra time with their grandchildren that they did not have an opportunity to say goodbye to Cleveland, and, more importantly, thank you to all Akin Auto Services’ loyal customers. Well, here it is.

We often forget how vital our vehicles are to our daily lives until they break down. When they do break down, panic, frustration, or just plain irritation of the inconvenience are sure to kick in: How will I get to work, take the kids to baseball practice, pick up groceries, or take grandma to the doctor? And yet, all of these concerns immediately give rise to and in a real sense are contained within the central question at hand: Who will I trust to fix my vehicle?

Over the years, the people of Cleveland often placed their trust in Akin Auto Services, and Jeff and Mary Beth never took this trust for granted. It was truly a privilege, indeed, a blessing, to serve the people of Cleveland in their times of need. Your trust in Akin Auto Services made a thriving business possible, that not only supported Jeff and Mary Beth’s family, but supported the families of the countless mechanics who found employment at Akin Auto Services over the years.

Thank you, Cleveland.

God Bless.

Jeff and Mary Beth Peiffer are enjoying retirement at their home in Conroe, TX. If you ever would like to reach out to say “hi” or “remember when,” feel free to shoot an email to Jeff and Mary Beth at jwpeiffer@gmail.com.

The Peiffer family

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