Murder victims identified in Saturday shooting in Colony Ridge

Authorities searching for more clues, issue public plea for tips

The Liberty County Sheriff’s Office has released the names of the two young males found shot to death Saturday in a vehicle off of CR 5260 at CR 5200 in the Santa Fe subdivision south of Plum Grove. They are 15-year-old Cesar Christopher Trochez-Maravilla and 14-year-old Adiel Garcia Aguirre.

“They both lived near the area of the murder and both are former students at Santa Fe Middle School,” said Capt. David Meyers, a spokesperson for the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office. “The autopsy revealed that each had been shot multiple times, resulting in their deaths.”

Meyers confirmed a new detail about the murder scene that suggests that the two young victims may have been sitting in their vehicle and talking to someone else prior to the fatal shooting.

“The vehicle was running and was in drive, indicating they had probably stopped to talk to someone when the gunshots starting ringing out. They took off in the vehicle and ended up in a muddy area off the main road,” Meyers said.

The car was located about 50-60 feet from a group mailbox used by residents in the Santa Fe community. It was reported to authorities around 3 p.m. by someone stopping by to pick up their mail.

According to Meyers, the autopsies were unable to pinpoint exactly when the two teens were killed and instead provided a time frame. Investigators are now working their way through the neighborhood, speaking to potential witnesses and interviewing their former classmates at Santa Fe Middle School. Both young men had recently transitioned to homeschooling.

“We want to talk to people who were acquainted with our victims. We want to see if anyone had a grievance with them,” Meyers said. “We are in the process of following up on leads that came in through the weekend and are diligently working on finding the killer or killers.”

At this point in the investigation, it is still uncertain if this shooting was gang-related.

“That area has had some ongoing issues for a while now with gangs. Sheriff Bobby Rader is working to get more deputies dispatched to that area to help offset some of the crime out there,” Meyers said.

Residents and businesses who live in the area, and have surveillance video camera systems, and anyone else with information about this case are asked to contact the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office by calling 936-336-4500 and speaking to an investigator. If you need an interpreter, one can be made available. Tips also can be made anonymously through the Multi-County Crime Stoppers by calling 1-800-392-STOP (7867) or online through

The tip line is open 24 hours per day, 365 days a year.


  1. 14 and 15. . It’s damn shame. That area of Liberty County has gotten out of control with all the violent crimes that’s happening

      • No DL that’s nothing new. Lot of adults have no DL and Ins. and drive drunk all because the punishment is so light.

  2. The Colony Ridge developments are the toilets of Liberty and Montgomery counties, and they need to be flushed.

    Looking at you county judges and law enforcement… stop allowing development due to an immanent risk to public safety. It’s total chaos and lack of respect for the law here in King’s Colony, but there is near zero police presence, despite our property taxes just doubling.

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