Dayton man accused of causing death of 9-month-old baby

Dailey, Jeffrey Maddox

A Dayton man is facing a charge of Injury to a Child relating to an incident on Friday, Aug. 11, that ultimately led to the death of a 9-month-old boy. Jeffery Maddox Dailey, 29, is being held without bond in the Liberty County Jail following his arrest on Monday, Aug. 14.

According to Dayton Police Chief Derek Woods, DPD officers responded to the 600 block of E. Waring for a medical call around noon Friday. The call suggested that the child was having a medical emergency and was non-responsive.

“Officers arrived on scene and began CPR on the child until EMS personnel arrived. The child was transported to Texas Children’s Hospital by LifeFlight, and was later pronounced deceased,” Woods wrote in his media release.

According to Woods, during the investigation, it was alleged that the child had drowned by an individual later identified as Dailey, who was in a relationship with the child’s mother.

An autopsy performed by the Harris County Medical Examiner’s office over the weekend revealed the cause of death to be consistent with acute blunt force trauma with multiple skull fractures and brain bleeding.

Dailey was originally charged with Capital Murder of a Person Under 10 Years of Age, Woods said, but after consultation with the District Attorney’s Office, Dayton PD made the decision to change was charge to Injury to a Child, which carries a maximum penalty range of 5 to 99 years, or life, in prison. That punishment range is the same as Murder.

UPDATE: The story has been updated to accurately reflect that the charge was changed by Dayton PD after further review of the facts of the case and consultation with the DA’s office. It should be noted that a Murder charge carries the same penalty as Injury to a Child.


    • Who said she wasn’t protecting her baby? People work, right? You have to work to provide and take care of your children, correct? What if your child was in an accident or somebody took your child’s life and you couldn’t prevent it does that mean you deserve to die as well because you didn’t protect your child?! Does that mean the parents who have lost their children to daycare workers deserve to die as well because they didn’t “protect” their kids?!

    • This was someone that she was in a relationship with and expecting a child with! I’m sure she trusted him to not KILL her child! People are good at putting up a front and love will make you see people as good even if they might not be. In some cases it’s the child’s own father or even his mother. Evil is always going to find a way. She is not guilty at all especially considering that he was trusted to care for the child when she was not there. It would be the same as sending your child off to daycare!

      • The poor mother is gonna live the rest of her life with out her baby boy. If she was in a relationship with the man she needs to know all the evidence and so does everyone else before passing judgment. Forgiveness will Not come easy. Praying for everyone involved in this horrible happening🙏🙏

    • Christi….. once again I know the mother, she had nothing to do with it! She was at work, YOU SHOULD ALSO NOT SPEAK ON SHIT THAT YOU DONT KNOW! Thanks have a nice day

  1. I believe this is a tragic accident .. And people shouldn’t assume the worse.. i personally know Jeff and know he wouldn’t harm that baby.. he loved and adored that lil guy.. and it makes me sick how fast the mother turned on him ..

    • That’s not a “tragic accident”. He didn’t just hurt a baby. He KILLED that baby. Makes me sick how fast he turned on that baby. The mom has EVERY right to turn on the man who killed her child

    • Lil Christina it wasn’t a tragic accident, that baby had injuries from abuse ( not accidental) from him. I don’t care what you believe or how “well” you think you know someone. The facts don’t lie! 🙄

    • Maybe you should check his previous track record then. Evading arrest, escaping while arrested, drug charges, domestic violence (IMPENDING breathing) yeah real great guy.

    • In a situation like this where proof is presented no one should get on here and say that this man wouldn’t do this n that unless they was present a innocent child who couldn’t defend himself is now dead was left in this guy care did the baby fall on his head on a hard surface or did a hard surface fall o to this little child head either way he was the only other witness and at 9 months your unable to run away or even fight back just sad

  2. We still live in the United States of America which means innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. I’m not saying the guy couldn’t be guilty, but we simply don’t have all the facts. Enough of judging innocence or guilt according to media reports. Like the media is trustworthy anyhow! And no I’m not some bleeding liberal either, but I’ve seen more than once the media twist stories to make the public outraged and turns out the person was innocent.

  3. He fooled alot of people thinking he was a good guy. He’s pure evil. He tortured that baby. He was watching that baby and killed him. The babies mom is a beautiful person. She was working when he did this.

  4. So beautiful people have relationships with a thug? Why wasn’t he working? Why? Because he is a thug. She must have been hard up for a man.

  5. Lowering the charges isn’t just about sentencing. He should carry the label of a Child Murderer for the rest of his unworthy life.

  6. I thought murder of a child under the age of 6 was a capital offense, punishable by death? Did something change? It sounds like the first charge was for that and then they took that off the table. I wonder why?

  7. That baby had been bleeding out its ear For a week. Jeff kept saying he needed to go to the doctor. The mother didn’t care too make that baby an appointment. The mother was so rough with him it’s crazy. Those injuries are from when Jeff didnt have the baby. And the truth will come out and i hope the mother is charged. It’s sad cause she knows what happened and is letting an innocent man take the fall. The mother was at work which her job was on the same property where they lived. Don’t tell me she wasnt on lunch break at the time. She was there as well. Like i said the truth will come out

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