‘Please help, call police’: Note passed to Cleveland store clerk leads to chilling discovery

Gregg Prewitt

A woman who allegedly had been restrained in chains inside the cab of a tractor-trailer truck sought help from a Love’s Truck Stop clerk and was rescued by Cleveland Police Department on Monday, Sept. 4.

According to Capt. Scott Felts, the woman allegedly escaped her captor, who she also claimed is her husband, when she was temporarily released to use the for-pay showers at the truck stop.

When Cleveland Police Officer T. Brown arrived on the scene, he met with the store employee, who advised that a couple had purchased time to use the paid showers at the truck stop. The female left the shower area and returned to the store employee, asking for extra towels. That’s when the female reportedly handed the store clerk a handwritten note that said, “Please help, call police, husband holding me against my will.”

After reading the note, Officer Brown waited until the couple left the shower area. As they exited, Officer Brown separated the male and female. The male was identified as Gregg Prewitt, 44.

A computer check found that Mr. Prewitt was wanted out of Wise County for Assault-Family Violence – Impeding Breath. Prewitt was taken into custody for the felony warrant, and Officer Brown then met with the 44-year-old female victim.

From the victim, Officer Brown allegedly was told that the Prewitts were from the Dallas area and have been together for eight years. Mr. Prewitt drives a semi-truck, and the victim travels with him. Recently, when the victim attempted to leave the relationship, Mr. Prewitt allegedly began chaining her to the bed inside the semi-truck camper area, and would not let her leave.

The victim advised she has looked for opportunities to escape, but it wasn’t until they were at Love’s Truck Stop in Cleveland that she was able to pass a note to get help from law enforcement.

Officer Brown located chains inside the semi-truck that reportedly corroborated the victim’s accusations.

Gregg Alvin Prewitt was charged with Unlawful Restraint, a third-degree felony.

He is currently being held at the Cleveland Police Department jail on a $50,000 bond that was set by the City of Cleveland Municipal Judge Ralph Fuller.


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