Bergman seeking reelection as Liberty County district attorney

Jennifer Bergman

Liberty County District Attorney Jennifer Bergman announces she is seeking re-election. Bergman is a Liberty County native who built a reputation as a tough-on-crime prosecutor and fiscally conservative City Council member before being elected District Attorney in 2020.

According to her announcement, “During her first term, Bergman worked to strengthen ties between local law enforcement and the DA’s office by introducing a 24-hour on-call line where she or an assistant prosecutor from her office is personally available to assist law enforcement at all times, including holidays and weekends.”

In addition, Bergman has provided 19 sets of body armor for law enforcement officers to ensure that every officer in Liberty County has the tools and protection they need to protect our families and safely do their jobs. She also hosted and provided approximately 200 hours of training for area law enforcement and hosted over 200 local educators for Civilian Response to Active Shooter and Stop the Bleed training.

According to Bergman’s announcement, she is proud to have modernized the District Attorney’s office with specific emphasis on replacing the outdated criminal case filing process, significantly reducing case backlog, helping meet the caseload demands of a rapidly growing population, and ensuring criminals are quickly taken off the streets.

“Additionally, she made it a priority that the Liberty County District Attorney’s Office become a member of the Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) Taskforce to add more resources to keep our children safe. In addition, Bergman has prioritized funding and staffing the DARE program for children and schools across Liberty County,” the statement continues.

“I am proud of the work we have accomplished in less than three years since taking office, and we have much work left to do,” said Bergman. “It is no secret that there are state and national trends of district attorneys diverging from their duty to uphold the law and seek justice. Liberty County is not one of those places. As long as I am district attorney, I will not waiver from my duty to hold criminals accountable, to seek justice, and to follow and uphold the laws of the great State of Texas.”

Bergman and her husband Zack, a constable, firefighter, and member of the United States Coast Guard, are proud parents of two young children. Bergman and her family are devout Christians and active members of the First Baptist Church of Cleveland.

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  1. Do they all have body cams? If not, will you strive to get them? That’s more important than battle gear, this is America not fallujah. Also will you make any videos from the body cams available when requested by the public, who paid for and owns them???

  2. Thank you for running again. It’s a hard job and so glad we have the right person already in place! You’ve done so much already. Can’t wait to see what you do for our area in your next term. Stay tough on crime and keep supporting our officers and you’ve got my vote.

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