Cleveland Chamber welcomes small business advocate at October luncheon

Dawn McVea with NFIB spoke at the Cleveland Chamber of Commerce's October luncheon about the organization and how small businesses have a big impact on local, state and national economies.

Small businesses are the backbone of any community’s economy. These entrepreneurs sometimes struggle to navigate the complex laws and regulation that govern their industries.

The National Federation of Independent Business promises to be the voice of small business and provides a wide range of resources and support to small business owners.

On Tuesday, Oct. 5, Dawn McVea with NFIB shared with Cleveland Chamber members how the nonprofit organization operates on their behalf.

“Our businesses are everything from independent, family-owned, start-up, everything in-between, farmers, IT consultants, the whole gamut. So we really want everybody across the board and really look at issues at the Capitol that are important to you,” she said.

McVea continued, “Whether it be local, state, or federal, you telling the story is a huge part of what makes a difference to a policy maker. Whenever you’re out there dealing with whatever you might be dealing with in your business, or as an employee of a business, when you see things happening, you say, we need to change something.”

For more information on NFIB, go online to

The Cleveland High School FFA had a presentation about their organization at the Chamber luncheon.

Cleveland Historical Society is recognized by the Chamber with a plaque of honor. Representing the Chamber are Kari Duggar and Camille Landry.

The Cleveland Historical Society and Museum was recognized with a plaque of honor celebrating their 20 year anniversary and thanking them for promoting and preserving the history of Cleveland.

New members welcomed to the chamber this month were The Wagon Wheel Bar & Grill, which catered the luncheon, Adecco Sealants, Country World Realty LLC, and Coburn’s Supply Co.

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