LCSO seeking public’s help in locating missing person

Jessica McCombs

Authorities are seeking the public’s help in locating a missing 23-year-old Dayton woman, Jessica Ruth McCombs, who was last seen on Oct. 17 at her home on CR 410. McComb’s representative, Susan Elmer, reported her as missing on Oct. 19.

According to a statement from Capt. David Meyers, a spokesperson for the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office, McCombs and her twin sister, Jennifer, are both under Susan’s care.

Elmer told authorities that she and Jennifer went to a dog training event in Montgomery County while Jessica remained at home. When they returned home around four hours later, Elmer realized that Jessica was not at the residence.

Jessica and her dog were both gone. Numerous clothing items belonging to Jessica also were missing from her closet and her dresser drawers were empty. Elmer also stated that Jessica’s medication was gone as well, and that Jessica placed her cell phone on the counter.

“While Elmer was speaking with the deputy taking the missing person information, she informed the deputy that Jessica has the mind of an 8-year-old child, and that she is concerned for her safety. Upon the deputy asking Elmer why she waited 2 days to report her missing if Jessica’s has the mind of an 8-year-old, Elmer did not answer the deputy,” Meyers said.

Investigators with the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office met with Elmer while she was making the report and obtained cell phone information, and Gmail information to see who Jessica may have been communicating with on the day that she is presumed missing. Investigators are waiting for more information from Elmer to be able to completely download the cell phone data from the phone that Jessica had been using.

During this investigation, LCSO investigators learned that Jessica has a learning disability; however, her mind and thinking are not believed to be like an 8-year-old child as Elmer reported.

“Based on the evidence at this time in this investigation, it appears that Jessica has left her residence on County Road 410 of her on accord and that she is not in danger,” Meyers said.

The Liberty County Sheriff’s Office is asking if you know or may know the whereabouts of Jessica McCombs, please call the Sheriff’s Office at 936-336-4500.

“Jessica is not suspected of any wrong doings, we just want to be able to communicate with her loved ones that she is okay and be able to remove her as a missing person,” Meyers said.


  1. Mind of an 8 year old and it’s fine to leave her alone and it’s OK. They just wanna remove her from missing person list. MAKE THAT MAKE SENSE. If it was an actual true 8 year old every agency around would be looking. Put some effort out and find this lady.

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