Active shooter drill at Splendora High School needs volunteers

By Rachel Hall

“Be prepared” should not just be a saying; it should be a way of life, according to Splendora ISD Police Chief Rex Evans.

One way to be prepared for an emergency situation, including active shooter scenarios, is to practice what to do beforehand.

For this reason, Splendora ISD along with other local, state, and federal first responders will be conducting an active shooter drill on Wednesday, July 25, 2018.

“It’s important for Splendora to hold such drills for several reasons. One, we’ve never done one and no one really has had much, if any, exposure to such a serious and dynamic situation,” explained Chief Evans.

The training also helps emergency personnel, students, and staff understand what to do and how to do it under duress and in such crisis situations, according to Chief Evans.

Plans for the drill are designed to be as realistic as possible. Residents in and passing through the community, specifically near Splendora High School, will hear and see sirens and many people.

“There will be a lot of emergency vehicles and first responders in the area of the SISD High School,” said Chief Evans. “There will be aircraft in the area as well.”

Volunteers and emergency personnel will act out the entire process from the first report of gunfire through the evacuation of the entire building, according to a Splendora ISD Facebook post seeking volunteers for the drill.

Splendora High School staff and students are encouraged to contact Mrs. Rhea Young at 281-689-8113 or emailing Students who participate will receive volunteer hours, according to the flyer.

When asked how community members can also be prepared for emergency situations, especially in regards to school shootings and practice drills, Chief Evans advised there is something everyone can do.

“Run. Hide. Fight. And, if you see something – say something,” he said.

For additional details, follow Splendora ISD on Facebook at and Splendora ISD Police Department at

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