Former president teams up with acclaimed author for political thriller

“The President is Missing” is a new fiction novel by former president Bill Clinton and acclaimed author James Patterson. The book is centered on the life of President Duncan, who is under attack by Speaker of the House Lester Rhodes.

Melvin Hunt, book reviewer

The Speaker wants to hold hearings to begin impeachment against the President. Around the same time, a terrorist organization called Sons of Jihad surfaces and its members begin to plan a cyber attack on the United States. The leader of the organization is Suliman Cindurok.

To add to this situation, an assassin, using the name of Bach, emerges. By removing the President, Speaker Rhodes wants to get his daughter appointed to the Supreme Court.

There is a code word of Dark Ages to guard the president against a cyber-attack. Duncan is warned of a coming cyber-attack by two individuals, Augie and Nina. Duncan disappears from public view to have a secret meeting with Augie and Nina. There are also some villains involved in the story, including some who are financing evil activities by the Russians and Saudi Arabians.

This book is riveting. Be sure to read it.

By Melvin Hunt, contributing book reviewer for Bluebonnet News

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