Cleveland ISD names Star Students for week ending Sept. 7

The following Cleveland ISD students were chosen as the Star Students for the week ending Sept. 7, 2018:

Southside Elementary

Kiria Balderas (2nd grade) “Kiria is a very dedicated and hard-working student. She always tries to finish her work on time.” ~J. Martinez

Alexa Hernandez (3rd grade) “Alexa is a quiet young lady who loves math and finishes her work with time to spare.” ~D. Odell

Cesar Caballero (3rd grade) “Cesar is a very bright young man and uses his time wisely in class to further his knowledge and skills.” ~D. Odell

Jesse Diaz (3rd grade) “From day one, Jesse has just blown me away with his inquisitiveness and good questions. He is an excellent speaker and his classmates like to listen to what he has to say. I am doing a little extra research at night to find answers to his questions, so I guess you could say he is making me a better teacher! I am so happy that Jesse is one of my students.” ~D. Gail Armitage

Yurialej Castillo (4th grade) “Yurialej is a responsible and mindful student. She is always participating in class and trying to help in everything she can.” ~N. Caraballo

Oscar Espinoza (4th grade) “In this first week of school, Oscar has showed me that he can be a leader and a learner. He likes to participate in class and is very helpful with his classmates.” ~N. Caraballo

Fabiola Valadez (5th grade) “This sweet girl always has a smile on her face. She is always helping other students. She follows all rules and procedures. Fabiola is a joy to have in my class.” ~K. Chapman

Jazmin Pardo (5th grade) “Reading diligently during A.R. time, Responsible leader as supply distributor, and extremely respectful.” ~M. DeVost-Animas

Northside Elementary

Lyric Araujo (3rd grade) “Lyric has been a big help to his classmates this week. He has done a great job at keeping his table group on track and helping students find their way around the school.” ~H. Porter

Keith Schultz (3rd grade) “Keith is a fantastic helper in class, he is always assisting his peers with their work. Keith is a great leader and role model.” ~D. Bashor

Barbara Rodriguez (5th grade) “Barbara has amazing reading skills. In one day, she read five books and took an AR test.” ~M. Delgado

Anyi Hernandez Echeverria (5th grade) “Anyi has had a great start to the school year, she has been very helpful and a model student. I am thankful for her in my classroom this year.” ~K. Black

Eastside Elementary

Preslee Brooks (4th grade) “Cheers and thanks to Preslee for asking that her birthday gift from friends and family be that they donate books to the brand new Eastside Library! Preslee racked up a ton of brand new books for the library! For such selfless giving Preslee deserves to get the moon for her birthday! Thank you, Preslee! Eastside and CISD appreciates you so very much!  You rock Eastside Library Pride!” ~J. Barber

Cleveland Middle School

Ataiveya Cook (6th grade) “Ataiveya is a peer tutor in class, she is always willing to make sure that students in her group understand what they need to do. She also helps with handing out papers/supplies. Thanks for being a great helper, Ataiveya.” ~P. Opp

John D. Welch (6th grade) “John comes to class, and models how to appropriately act in class. He participates in class discussions and does his work neatly and correctly.” ~T. Pate

Isaac Banda: (6th grade) “Issac is always willing to help when asked, he is very attentive in class. Way to be, Isaac!” ~S. Lawson

Amber Jones (6th grade) “Amber is a quiet student, but she always goes about and beyond what is expected in her work.” ~D. Moore

William Green (6th grade) “William is always polite and willing to help others.” ~S. Lawson

Aaliyah Jackson (6th grade) “Aaliyah always comes to class with a huge smile on her face. Her countenance shines as bright as her smile. She is a joy to have in class.” ~P. Tuck

Nathalie Arellano (6th grade) “Nathalie comes in class with a smile every day and has a positive attitude towards class and with her classmates. I have heard her give some students pep talks about how to handle certain situations. She is a joy to have in class.” ~J. Parks

Zachary Hudnall (6th grade) “Zach is always on task, polite, and a model student in class. He stands out as a Star Student for his wonderful example behavior after school: rather than pushing to get onto his bus, he listens attentively for his bus to be called then lines up, following procedures as he is asked to. He stood out among his peers the other day in following directions with exactness. His example for the other students is appreciated.” ~P. Tuck

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