Public invited to look ‘Behind the Badges’ on Sept. 24

Texas Ranger Brandon Bess

Daisetta Police Department will kick off a series of meetings titled “Behind the Badges” on Monday, Sept. 24, 2018, at 7 p.m.

This series is intended to introduce some of the men and women who wear the badges of local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies and also to allow these officers to convey the many responsibilities of their perspective agencies to the citizens of whom they serve. Each speaker will cover the various types of services their agency performs and how that agency works with other agencies to achieve the common goal, law enforcement.

“The greatest tool that law enforcement officers could ever hope to have, to better serve the public, is education,” said Chief Mike Parrish. “Education serves to bridge the gap between law enforcement and our citizens, therefore, knowledge, or a greater understanding of how law enforcement agencies work and how these various agencies work together on local, state, and federal levels is key to creating great partnerships within our communities.”

Chief Parrish related that he is pleased to announce that the first guest speaker for the Behind the Badge Series will be Texas Ranger R. Brandon Bess who is currently assigned to serve in the counties of Liberty, San Jacinto, and Hardin. Ranger Bess possesses a wealth of experience gained from over 24 years of working in law enforcement on both local and state levels. Ranger Bess has investigated and assisted with the investigations of several high-profile cases and continues to assist all law enforcement agencies, within his tri-county assignment and abroad, whenever the need arises.

“I’m looking forward to visiting with the citizens in our area as they have an opportunity to meet some of our law enforcement professionals, from various agencies of every level of law enforcement, and I’m also excited that these officers will be able to meet some of our citizens,” Parrish said. “I hope to be able to continue to present additional speakers during the coming weeks, from all of our local police departments, Liberty County Sheriff’s Office, our Constable Offices, Texas Department of Public Safety, Texas Parks and Wildlife, DEA, ATF, FBI and a host of others because I believe that the closer we (law enforcement) get to the communities we serve then this will also serve to make us all better public servants.”

“I think this is a great thing and I’m really excited about it,” said City of Daisetta Mayor Eric Thaxton who took office this past May. “I’m planning on attending the series and learning as much as I can about how all the various law enforcement agencies work and how we work with them.”

Leaders from other law enforcement agencies in the county believe the gatherings will be beneficial.

Liberty County Pct #2 Constable Les Hulsey stated, “It’s always a good thing when the public can be better informed in regard to all the actual services that are available. Our agency is primarily concerned with civil process which is vastly different from criminal investigations; however, the Constable’s Office conducts criminal investigations as well.” Constable Hulsey went on to say that his agency works seamlessly with the Daisetta Police Department and all other agencies even while the mission of his agency may differ from the mission of other agencies.

Liberty County Sheriff Bobby Rader said, “Anytime the public can attain a greater understanding of the duties and responsibilities of law enforcement agencies and the differences that exists between different agencies then this serves the community well. I believe that education is paramount when establishing firm relationships with communities and this type of series or program will do a lot to further that goal.”

The first “Behind the Badges” meeting will be held at the Hull-Daisetta Volunteer Fire Department located at 703 S. Main Street in Daisetta and will begin at 7 p.m. Attendees will also have the opportunity to meet Hull-Daisetta Fire Chief Memo Gomez as these meetings will coincide with a fire department membership drive and, when possible, tours of the new facility. In addition, Mr. Boyett Taylor, who is heading up a local Neighborhood Patrol/Watch Group entitled “DH Takeback” will be available for answer questions and possibly to recruit members for the program.

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