Greenleaf third-graders learn delicious lesson on matter

Third-graders at Greenleaf Elementary School in Splendora ISD learned a tasty lesson about the states of matter. Teachers Julia Church and Shelby Cordova began their lesson with students reviewing and discussing the three states of matter: solid, liquid, and gas.

The students worked together discussing what, if anything, could make any of the properties of matter change. Guided by their teachers, the students investigated each form of matter to gain a deeper understanding of its unique properties and qualities.

The students were given the opportunity to test their knowledge and witness firsthand how the properties of matter can be altered. Using the components of an old-fashioned root beer float, the students constructed their floats to observe the changes that took place when the ingredients were combined.

The students analyzed how the changes in matter occurred and compared and contrasted the differences in matter before and after the ingredients were mixed. Like true scientists, the students argued and debated as they discussed their observations.

As they celebrated their learning by eating the results, student Diana Vences said, “I could eat this matter all day long.”

Third-grader Blake Elam noted, “I’m making this matter disappear so I am changing its state,” as he eagerly spooned the root beer float into his mouth.

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