Scout Troop 8 adopts flag disposal box

Troop 8 includes (back row) Scoutmaster Paul Newton, Josh Hale, Scout leader; Robert Balfour, Avery Wise, Steven Payne, Matthew Payne, Adam King, Marshall Wells, Troy Griffin, Sammy Wells, Billy King, Seth Blankenship (kneeling) George Gonzalez, Regan King; (sitting) Wint Seal, Matthew Koons, Marcus Hamilton, Ben Hale and Lance Martin. Not pictured is Hunter Alley.

The beautiful new flag disposal box located at The Crossroads in Dayton is serving its intended purpose of collecting frayed and tattered U.S. and Texas flags.  The box was made and donated by Kimmy Wood and Keith Rowe for the Dayton Enhancement Committee and installed at The Crossroads the end of April.  To date, over 150 flags have been deposited.

Also deposited have been over 50 pieces of mail.  This mail was taken to the Post Office and deposited, but the DEC wants the public to be aware that this is not a box for mail.   Large lettering on both sides of the box state that clearly, but a larger sign is coming soon.

Dayton’s Boy Scout Troop 8, under Scoutmaster Paul Newton have assumed responsibility for the flag box and will often collect the flags inside.  At a later date, a proper flag disposal ceremony will be held.

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