Hunt’s Picks: Silva’s new book takes readers to Russia

By Melvin Hunt

Daniel Silva’s new thriller, “The Other Woman,” starts out with a Russian attempting to defect to England. The defector, using the alias of Heath Cliff, is really a former Russian spy, Konstantin Kirov.

Melvin Hunt, book reviewer

Kirov is killed by an assassin just before his defection takes place. The assassin drives up on a motorcycle and fires two shots to Kirov’s head. The assassin is pursued by the British and Israelis before finally dying in a wreck.

Gabriel Allon, one of the Israelis organizing the defection, is blamed for killing the assassin.

An individual known only as “the Other Woman” actually plays a big role in the event. She lives in Andalusia, which is in Spain. She is the mistress of a notorious Russian spy named Kim Philby.

With Philby, the Other Woman mothers a child named Rebecca Manning, who manages to infiltrate the British spy agency, M-16. The spy’s daughter is on the inside track of the secret agent world. There is an aggressive search for the mole.

Leave it to Allon to get to the bottom of this situation. After discovering the mole’s identity, he then has to track and catch her before she makes her way back to Russia.

This book is another winner for Daniel Silva.

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