Retired Dayton educators encourage reading

Dayton Historical Society met Monday evening, Sept. 24, at Parker Hall with a large number in attendance.  President Lester Ray Wisegerber called the meeting to order and asked Danny Bode to lead the opening prayer.   Cathy Harbour led the pledges to the flags.

After several reports were given, program chairman Larry Wadzeck gave introduction to the evening’s program “Texas Books Too Good to Miss.”  He prefaced the program by saying that since our Society maintains the Old School Museum, he likes to have at least one program each year based on education, and what is more educational than reading?

Larry Wadzeck and Cathy Harbour, both retired educators and avid readers, presented an array of their favorite books about Texas or written by a Texan.   They included fiction and non-fiction, books for children and adults, Pulitzer Prize winners and light humorous reading.  In reviewing Lonesome Dove by Larry McMurtry, Wadzeck said that reading this book should be a litmus test for those joining any historical organization.  Cathy’s book reviews included Isaac’s Storm by Erik Larson, a particularly poignant book about Galveston’s 1900 hurricane.  Cathy concluded the program by stating that her mantra is “read early and read often.”  Attendees heard about several good books that they now intend to read.

The next meeting of the Society will be Monday evening, 6 p.m., Oct. 29, at Parker Hall (located behind Walgreens).   The public is very welcome to attend.

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