Cleveland ISD names Star Students

Every school year, Cleveland ISD teachers are asked to pick some of the students they believe deserve to be in the spotlight for their actions, academic successes and attitudes. The following is this week’s list of Star Students:

Southside Elementary

  • Jonathan Collazo: (Kinder) Johnathan has a smile on his face and a dance in his step every morning, ready to start the day out right. ~A. Hagan
  • Katherine Lopez-Polanco: (1st grade) Katherine is an amazing student, she is always striving to give her best effort in class. She is very kind, polite, and respectful. I enjoy having her in my classroom this school year. ~E. Hernandez
  • Stephanie Mesa: (1st grade) Stephanie is a joy to work with in class. She is an example to others of how to follow the school rules. She always participates in class and is willing to help other student when they need help. ~D. Slocumb
  • Jesus Garcia: (2nd grade) Jesus is a student who likes reading and writing. He is very dedicated in all his school activities. ~J. Martinez
  • Perla Garcia: (2nd grade) Perla is a hard working student, she always completes all of her school work in the best possible way. ~J. Martinez
  • Alondra Soriano: (3rd grade) Alondra is always smiling and positive. She greets me with a hug, she is very sweet and I can count on her to help out her classmates with getting supplies or making them feel great about being her friend. Alondra uses kind words and sets a great example in my class. I am lucky to have her in my class this year! J ~M. Moore
  • Citlalli Vargas: (3rd grade) Citlalli is so kind and she is very smart. She is a  great student, she uses manners, follows directions, and listens very well. She is a student you want to have in your class. I am so glad to have her in 3rd grade this year! ~M. Moore
  • Emily Henriquez: (3rd grade) Emily is always happy even when she doesn’t feel well. She is the ultimate helper in class, anything you need help with she is right there to offer assistance. She goes above and beyond with her class manager job. She is also a model student; i.e.: she works hard, gives her best effort, willing to peer tutor other/help any of her classmates. Emily loves school and it shows. She is a blessing to have in my class. ~K. Dalton
  • Daniel Morales: (3rd grade) Daniel did really great on his first math common assessment. He was one of the last to finish but he used the strategies we have been discussing and it helped him be successful. ~DG. Armitage
  • Nathalia Jacquez: (3rd grade) Nathalia is a hardworking, dedicated student, who loves to read a plethora of books. She is always eager to learn and she strives to improve her learning and knowledge in reading and writing. Moreover, Nathalia is very respectful to  her classmates and helps her peers to gain more learning. She sets high expectations for herself – academically and personally. Third grade students are proud to have her in their classroom. ~L. Mooser
  • Abisai Soriano: (4th grade) Abisai is a hard working student, he likes to participate in class and is always on task. ~N. Caraballo
  • Anthony Garcia: (4th grade) we love how Anthony is always showing kindness to his classmates. He encourages others to do their best and sets that example through his actions. Way to go Anthony for also making the top score of your common assessments. ~K. Eakin
  • Nelly Ramirez: (5th grade) Nelly is kind and a good friend to her classmates and teachers. She works hard and listens well. She always follows the directions of all her teachers the first time they are given. Nelly is doing exactly what she needs to do to be successful both at Southside and in life. Good Job Nelly. ~K. Brown
  • Juan Guzman: (5th grade) Juan is very helpful, he is considerate of others. He has amazing manners, and works very hard every day, giving his all. Juan is a joy to have in my class. ~M. Myers
  • Camila Ramos: (5th grade) Camila comes to class every day prepared and is always on task. She gives 100% each day, and she is very kind, and a great friend. ~K. Wardlow

Northside Elementary

  • ’Dyn Watty: (1st grade) A’Dyn comes to school each day with a great attitude and he is always ready to learn. He also goes out of his way to help in class, and helps keep our classroom clean. I love his positive attitude and eagerness. ~D. Burkett
  • Alonso Gonzalez: (3rd grade) Alonso is a rock star student that values his school work. He assists his peers in class and is always participating in class discussions. Alonso is a fantastic addition to our classroom. ~A. Bashor
  • Karlie Ramos: (3rd grade) Karlie is always willing to help anyone who needs it. She does an amazing job helping out a friend with a broken foot. She also is always on task. Karlie has a beautiful smile and a great attitude. ~J. Hanson
  • Naomi Medina: (3rd grade) Naomi has gone above and beyond for the first few weeks of school, not only is she working hard in class, but she is also willing to help anyone whenever it is needed. I am proud that Naomi tries her best every day and pushes herself to be better! Keep us the hard work Naomi! ~A. Golightly
  • Cameron West: (4th grade) Cameron is doing an excellent job in Math. He is a hard worker and willing to help others in class. I am glad to have him in my class this year. ~D. Snyder
  • Aaly’yah Wyatt: (5th grade) Aaly’yah is a hard working student and stays on task. ~S. Miniutti
  • Monica Gomez: (5th grade) Monica works very hard and tries at everything she does. I really appreciate how she puts effort into all of her school work. ~K. Black
  • Addyson James: (5th grade) Addyson is a very determined learner who always tries her best! Every day she focuses on the learning at hand and is always willing to help a fellow student in need. It has been a joy to have Addyson in my class this year! ~M. Dolley

Eastside Elementary

  • Zoie Buentello: (Kinder) Zoie is very sweet to everyone, she makes sure that all her classmates feel included. ~B. Rodriguez
  • Gary Young: (Kinder) Gary is always helping his friends. He is always respectful and works hard. He is a joy to have in class. ~B. Rodriguez
  • Fernanda Manriquez: (Kinder) Fernanda has an excellent record in reading comprehension, in these three weeks she has consecutively achieve her goal in AR! ~B. Hiriart
  • Emma Santos-Martinez: (1st grade) Emma is always willing to help out in class, and has very good manners. ~L. Houston
  • Jonathan Perez: (1st grade) OMG! Jonathan is on fire! He is always on task, and doing his best is not enough for him. He wants to learn more and more. He is also a great helper and has been named Student of the Week for his excellent behavior and accomplishments. Everyone loves to work with him. Jonathan, you are a great example for your peers! ~K. Semien
  • Faithlynn Morris: (1st grade) Faithlynn is always so respectful and follows directions. She is a very hard worker and gets all of her work done on time. ~S. Sisney
  • Samuel De la Cruz: (2nd grade) Samuel has achieved his AR tests for the first 3 weeks of class. He is also a hard worker. Way to be Samuel! ~J. Bermudez
  • Jacob Johnson: (2nd grade) Jacob is always there to explain the importance of good choices. ~L. Houston
  • Ronaldo Benitez: (2nd grade) Ronaldo has the highest academic performance of his class during Common Assessment week! Way to be Ronaldo! ~J. Bermudez
  • Kaedince Ellis: (3rd grade) Kaedince is very helpful and well organized. She enjoys helping her classmates and keeping us organized. She is a great asset to our class. I will enjoy teaching her math and science this year. ~M. Scott
  • Anthony Gilez Rogers: (3rd grade) Anthony works hard in class to learn his math and science. He likes learning new things and this makes it enjoyable to teach him. He is also always happy! I am so glad I get the pleasure of having him as one of my students. ~M. Scott
  • Ellie Wood: (4th grade) Ellie always follows all instructions, and she has a great attitude! ~K. Brown
  • Valentina Tonche: (4th grade) Valentina has shown a great spirit of collaboration and support towards her table partners. ~O. Munguia
  • Angel Almanza: (4th grade) Angel has been working really hard in class, and he has been an example to his classmates. ~O. Munguia
  • Jonathan Martinez: (4th grade) Jonathan loves to read! During AR he is reading several books a week and loves to go to the library. Sometimes I have to ask him to put his book down, but that just means he LOVES his books. I enjoy having him in class every day! I call him my reading rock star! ~D. Luna
  • Madison Warren: (5th grade) Madison does everything I ask, she is very respectful and helps others. She is always on task. Thank you Madison! ~B. Magner
  • Luna Ortiz: (5th grade) Luna is helpful in class, always on task, and helps others in her group. She takes initiative in class during group work and projects. ~R. Rocha
  • Eli Canenguez: (5th grade) Eli has worked extremely hard this year! He has put in a lot of extra time to help him succeed in math class. Eli has already shown amazing growth! He is a Star Student because of his dedication and determination! ~H. Mayorga
  • Tomas Quintana: (5th grade) Tomas has worked very hard in math and science class since the beginning of the year. He is always paying attention and always having fun while learning! Tomas is also very respectful to everyone in our class. I am lucky to have such a wonderful student! ~H. Mayorga
  • Brandon Ramos: (5th grade) Brandon loves to help out in class and also remembers his class job to switch subjects. He pays attention and is always smiling. ~R. Rocha

Cleveland Middle School

  • James Castro: (6th grade) James always participates and is willing to help others. He is always smiling and kind to others. ~P. Tuck
  • Ava Waltman: (6th grade) Ava went out of her way to help one of our new students, and asked me if she could help explain things to her. Ava explained the procedures, showed her where we check books out from and helped her get adjusted. She is always so sweet and polite to everyone. She is a joy to have in class. ~S. Miller
  • Noah Gault: (6th grade) Noah always goes above and beyond in class. He shows dedication and hard work and is always on task. I saw him go out of his way, even though his hands were full with his band instrument, he brought our new student to class, one that has special needs. He is a wonderful student to have in class. ~S. Miller
  • Nicolas Villegas: (6th grade) Nicolas has been a great help in class. He takes initiative and always has a smile on his face. He was the first person to volunteer to help out a new student and made sure he was up to date on classwork. Nicolas is a joy to have in class! ~J. Parks
  • Rosa Cruz: (7th grade) Rosa always comes to class with a smile and puts 100% into everything she does. She is a wonderful writer who always add great detail to her writing. She is a joy to have in class. ~A. Beeman
  • Nathanael Carrell: (8th grade) Nathanael has a great work ethic. He shows up to class and completes all of his work. He is one of my best students and is always eager to finish his work on time! He makes sure that his answers are always correct before turning in his work. ~A. Gates
  • Samantha Martinez: (8th grade) Samantha has been a pleasure to have in class. She is always the first one to enter the room and the last one to leave. Her work ethics are amazing, and she continues to grow each week academically. ~A. Gates

Cleveland High School

  • Maycol Torres: (9th grade) Maycol is an enthusiastic learner, he shows perseverance in all he does. He is always willing to help a classmate. ~A. Malaver
  • Jacquelyn Salgado: (10th grade) Many thanks to Jacquelyn for translating for fellow students who speak limited English. She translates with a smile and is very helpful. In addition, she offered to help staff and teachers as it is needed. Being willing to help shows your great character. Kudos! ~W. Bagsby
  • Bryan Medina: (10th grade) A group of Bryan’s teachers were impressed at the initiative Bryan took to inquire about his performance in their classes this week. He went the extra mile to make sure he was on top of his academics and we were impressed with his efforts. Way to go Bryan! ~W. Bagsby
  • Aman Sayed: (12th grade) Aman is a role model for all his classmates. He is kind and considerate, smart and caring. He will be an amazing health care provider upon completion of this year’s CNA program! ~J. Wallace
  • Ana Casiano: (12th grade) Ana is a very respectful student, she always does her work and expresses her passion for school ~ G. Tarpomanov
  • Angelina Grover: (12th grade) Angelina is a sweet young lady with an amazing future unfolding at her feet. As if being kind and considerate were not enough, she was also blessed with a nurturing nature that draws people to her, both in and out of class. A natural leader, she is one of the RBB’s drum majors this year and plans to lead the band to State Completion. Angelina will succeed wherever the road takes her and those around her will be blessed to be a part of her journey. ~J. Wallace

Douglass Learning Academy

  • Esther Venegas: (11th grade) Esther is working very hard at school, she is being a good example of how to be a hard-worker and show determination in her Geometry class. ~B. Simpson
  • April Medrano: (12th grade) April has upped her focus and energy to complete her few remaining courses and graduate this semester. Her dedication and work ethic is an example for all of us! ~D. Seagraves
  • Cristina Contreras-Espino: (12th grade) Cristina, along with Luz Martinez-Madrigal, have been very helpful this week in helping me teach another student, by interpreting some of my instruction in English into Spanish. She also is making excellent progress in her own courses, and she is always a hard worker. Thank you, Cristina! ~G. Rappe
  • Luz Martinez-Madrigal: (12th grade) Luz, along with Cristina Contreras-Espino, have been very helpful this week in helping me teach another student, by interpreting some of my instruction in English into Spanish. She also is making excellent progress in her own courses, and she is always a hard worker. Thank you, Luz! ~G. Rappe
  • Luisa Interiano: (12th grade) Luisa is making great progress at DLA in her online courses. She is also eager to participate in the small group lessons and shows great enthusiasm for learning English. ~V. Cox


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